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World of Tanks (EU): Get Some Rental Tanks & German Assault Style

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Want to get three rental tanks for 10 battles, a German Assault style and a special mission? Activate the “Panzerpanne” promo code and you can get:

  • Heavy Tank No. VI (10 battles rental)
  • Cromwell B (10 battles rental)
  • Dicker Max (10 battles rental)
  • “German Assault” 2D style
  • Special mission
    • Play one battle and you will get a special Crew Skin. (Conditions not confirmed, as the mission is secret).

“Panzerpanne” Promo Code


The code has been tested in the EU Region, no information if it will work on any other regions at all. Let us know in the comment section if it does or does not work for NA, etc.

11 thoughts on “World of Tanks (EU): Get Some Rental Tanks & German Assault Style

  1. Sorry did not work for me, but many thanks for posting link….stay safe

  2. Panzerpanne code didn’t work, but clicking the “Activate code” link worked

  3. The Code is “EHRE” and you have to win a random battle to unlock the crew skin

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