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World of Tanks – Developers Q&A 23/03/17

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Hello everyone,

Today the Russian Community had a Developers Q&A Stream just like the NA and EU Community recently had and here’s a digest of what has been discussed.

Source: WOT Clue & WOT Leaks

  • Developers are still discussing if platoons of three arty’s will be allowed;
  • Premium Light Tanks will not be changed, only their Matchmaking will be reduced to normal +2/-2 after the introduction of Tier X Light Tanks;
  • If a player has a experience on a Tier VIII Light Tank (for example AMX 13 90), it will stay on that Tier VIII, but the crew will move to Tier IX just like the tank;
  • For now, Light Tank Personal Missions will remain unchanged;
  • It’s possible the introduction of new Tier VIII Premium Light Tanks;
  • If fewer players are online at one time, it will be more difficult to for matchmaking;
  • Skill based matchmaker will never be introduced to Random Battles;
  • IS-7 and T-44 will be buffed soon but not next patch;
  • ST-I will have a new mechanic, no further details revealed for now;
  • Player with low spec computers will still be able to run the game on low setting as they are now;
  • Chat to all won’t return;
  • Perks and Skills will be reworked, but it’s a very difficult process and it will take time;
  • SPG’s will be able to splash a lot more, but will kill a lot less;
  • There are ideas to either remove or rework team kill, it will be tested;
  • Personal Missions will get a new set of missions;
  • Experience for tanking and hiding statistics won’t be introduced;
  • Some tanks like the KV-5 and T-54 mod. 1 will be completely redone in order to buff them;
  • Wargaming is considering to remove the SPG Class if the new stun mechanics is negatively received.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Developers Q&A 23/03/17

  1. What do they mean with the light tank experience? Do you get the new tier 8 with all the modules, or the experience left on the previous tier 8 tank?

  2. If you are planning in getting XP on for instance the AMX 13 90 so you can unlock the Tier X straight away, it won’t work, because the XP will stay on the Tier VIII.

  3. with all due respect why make changes to extreme I really think you need to work on ways to remove the cheaters out of the game and black ball those using the mods .
    this was a great game when I first played it ,and it still is to a point but its getting harder and harder to survive but at least if the mods are gone your not dying with out honor .
    people who need that unfair advantage maybe should go play pac-man or something .
    its time to attempt in restoring this game to the great game (top game ) of all online war games .
    the first thing to do is ban cheaters no 3 strike policy ,cheating is cheating

    nuff said …. action speaks louder then words do

  4. Premium Lights MM gets changed? Fine with me, I have two premium lights anyway.

    SPGs get removed if there are negative reviews about the stun mechanics? Oh hell no.

  5. Hate arty, hate playing arty. But to remove them all together is drastic.

    I would like to see chat to all welcome back. Really miss that possibility. It could be an option in-game to disable it for those that does not like it.

  6. Stun will make mad everyone. For arty player is not rewarding in anyway to stun an enemy player. Stuned players aren,t happy because their fighting capableties are limited.

  7. Hold on…wg is planing to screw the players who have been gathering xp on their tier8 light tanks in order to skip right to tier 10?…that wil make a lot of people angry. And why only crews will be on tier 9 and not the xp?…just to grind again 200.000 xp? If wg thinks that this measure will make us to play moore that,s wrong. I play for pleasure not to be wg xp grind slave on random.

  8. Funny thing that they are never gonna introduce skill MM. Because there allready is one. Most games are unbalanced. Example. All the blue and green otherside and yellow and red other. That is not very random!

  9. WG never said how they where going to do it, everyone just made ***umptions.. so you are not getting screwed by WG, you where wrong.. deal with it

  10. “Developers are still discussing if platoons of three arty’s will be allowed;”
    Why? They don’t want a SPG platoon playing effectively? lel

    “Skill based matchmaker will never be introduced to Random Battles”
    Let the xvm-stat****** drown the world (of tanks) in their tears!

    “Perks and Skills will be reworked, but it’s a very difficult process and it will take time;”

    “There are ideas to either remove or rework team kill, it will be tested;”
    Also interesting. Console and Blitz don’t have team damage if I’m not mistaken.

    “Wargaming is considering to remove the SPG Cl*** if the new stun mechanics is negatively received.”
    Considering how quickly Wargaming is caving in to player criticism and turning into another Blizzard, I sincerely don’t doubt this might be real. I hope it doesn’t happen, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

  11. They won’t implement a skill-based MM in RANDOM BATTLES. Remember they announced Ranked Battles? That’s where a skill-based MM will be.

  12. Wait wait . if arty gets removed, whats with the people that grindet them so long and people with premium arts like me??? and if people have 200k exp on ther bc 155 58 will it be unlocked free xp

  13. There is no skill MM ATM. The fact is that very few players are good, and sometimes they get matched on the same team…

  14. Yeah, everyone just ***umed that WG would to the usual when a new line comes up. But the fact is some tanks will be moved… Still I would prefer if players could just keep the XP on the “new” tier 9, because what are they going to do with all that XP? 😀

  15. No idea. Remember this is just a comment they made, they haven’t planned yet. If they decide to actually do that, they will think all the details, I’m pretty sure they don’t want to piss off and “screw” a lot of players… Most probably we would get all that XP as free XP and all the credits/gold back.

  16. My point was that random is not so random… I Think that wg gives beginners and not so talented players chance to win even when they are not doing their “job”. This is done by putting noob players with good players. And otherside couple good players in low tier and rest of them “noobs”. I think this is very obvious if you follow your team mates before starting round.

  17. Any team that stands together has better changes of winning. Problem is XVM, a lot of players look at that “Win Chance” and think it means anything, when its just saying if you have more Unicums you have higher chances of winning… As soon as a good player dies, that change goes down… MM doesn’t look at players, only when on low tiers and if it’s a new player, so it’s not matched against a “veteran” before he even knows how to move the tank 😀

  18. 1.Removing arty – no way!
    2.With normal MM, no nerfs and still on tier 8 there will be no reason to drive any other tier 8 light or medium than the m41 GF.
    3. Increasing splash radius for arty, while at the same time removing team damage, seems light an superb idea, can’t see any downsides.

  19. There are downsides, the fact SPG can splash the hell out of an enemy even if they have team mates there 😀

  20. War gammer’s are idiots, if they remove spg then to make the game fair then they have to remove all auto-loading tanks as well…if they want to lose 15 million players worldwide remove spg

  21. What Auto Loaders have to do with SPG? lol If they remove SPG they will have to change tanks like FV 183 and Type5 with their bug guns and HE shells.

  22. The m***ive splash/stun radius on the sandbox was boring as hell. It actually took the skill away from playing arty well, as well as playing against it well. I really wanted to like it but it was awful.

  23. Are WG making a threat to us ? Wargaming is considering to remove the SPG Cl*** if the new stun mechanics is negatively received.

  24. So when will you buff T29, T32 etc which are Low pen tanks with bad gun handling, low dmg and poor mobility. They also have to fight not just those OP premiums but also tier 9 and 10

  25. Plenty of people started and are playing this game with arty already in it. This attempt to please everybody ends up likely pleasing nobody.

    My suggestion to Wargaming, take the nerfs and buffs and dial that back a hair, focus on new maps.

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