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World of Tanks – Developer Q&A Full Video

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Hello everyone,

If you missed it live and want to watch the complete Developer Q&A with WG EU, the video is now available on Youtube. Don’t forget I’ve also made a resume with what has been discussed on the video.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Developer Q&A Full Video

  1. There you go,asked why we need 25% RNG in the game,they say that “do we want that tiny percent of experienced players to allways win?”…….. FCKING NOOB-RNG PROTECTION CONFIRMED…….cuz we dont want to scsre our noobies away of the game,do we?So lets fck up experienced players dmg and penetration values,so you wonder why you just bounced with 232 penetration on that YOLO-ing scouts side or on the front hull of this tomato-IS3 driver……..Yeah RNG could help you on that you fckn hypocrits,but not on the level where you reduce (specially)penetration to 2 tiers lower guns,trolling us hard and erasing any meaning of skill,knowledge and effort in the game……….

  2. No, its actually more because they want unexpected results in their game.
    Deal with it.

  3. “Unexpected” results as in:”rig some random generator numbers so that scrubs like you can put a smile on their face once in a while”….You deal with this bob

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