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World of Tanks – Black Edition Tanks Update

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Hello everyone,

Seems that all the rioting by EU players made Wargaming re-think their recent T34 Black Edition Sale.

Last week we introduced the first of the “Back in Black” vehicles, which sees the return of some of our most acclaimed Premium tanks with a new and exciting look. More than that, it allows you to get an additional tank with the same battle characteristics, but with a new set of personal statistics; an additional ability to train your crew members; and collect daily x2, x3, or x5 bonuses.

When introducing these vehicles, we did not consider them to be fully new content – this is why we only introduced the first tank of the series, the T34 B, in Ultimate and Supreme bundles. This is contrary to our approach to new content, and we do apologise for making this mistake. For the additional tanks that will appear in the “Back in Black” vehicle series, we will offer “tank only” packages at the same price as the original tank. Furthermore, we will introduce the T34 B for an additional week in a “tank only” version starting tomorrow!

We have been listening to your feedback, and we heard you loud and clear. We can see that we implemented these vehicles poorly, and we do apologise for our error in judgement. Your comments, concerns and suggestions have made us reconsider the pricing structure for the “Back in Black” vehicles for owners of the original tank.

Owners of the original tanks will be eligible for a 50% discount on the “Back in Black” versions of the same vehicles during this December’s “Back in Black” offers. This discount will be applicable to the tank itself – so this affects the price of future “Tank only”, “Ultimate” and “Supreme” packages.

For everyone who purchased a T34 B Ultimate or T34 B Supreme package and owns a T34, we will be crediting 50% of the tank’s Gold value (6,000) to your account over the weekend.

Thank you very much for your honest and constructive feedback on this topic, and please accept my personal apology for this event. Please continue to share your opinions with us.

I’m glad they have listened to the Community and come to this conclusion. I’m sure about the fact they haven’t sold so many of the T34B, so this is also another change to try boost sales a bit further. Non the less, we are getting what other Regions were getting for a long time now. Just hope they do this with the T26E5 Patriot and the AMX M4 Mle 49 Liberté.

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  1. So you could theoretically get a Black Mutz for about $20 if you have a Mutz in the garage? That’s surprising.

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