World of Tanks

Update 9.19.1: Second Common Test

First iteration of Common Test barely started and we already got the second Common Test out. Patch has already been applied and test servers are back online. If no issues are found during this test, 9.19.1 should be released in a few days.

Patch Notes of the 2nd Public Test

  • Fixed Bootcamp interface issues.
  • Fixed an issue when switching from the Battle Results window to the Missions tab.
  • Fixed some technical issues.

Supertest Changes

  • T-103: 130mm B-13 base reload speed changed from 10.2 to 11.2.
  • T-103: Damage per minute base value changed from 2,588 to 2,357.
  • STG turret front armour and gun mantle slightly buffed.
  • VAMM V12 engine (no idea where is used) power changed from 500 to 400.
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