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Update 1.21 CT1: New 2D/3D Styles Found in Files

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A total of 16 new 2D/3D styles have been found in the Update 1.21 Common Test’s files (NOT including the trio of new 3D styles for Battle Pass Season XI, which are available in a separate post).

Battle Pass Season XI: 2D/3D Styles, Decals, Crew Members & Collections (Summer 2023)

Here are the preview icons from the exterior menu for each style (listed in order), along with in-game previews from WoT Express (where available):

General 2D Styles

:2dst: “Fourth of July” (US Independence Day 2023)

American Independence Day commemorates the ratification of the Declaration of Independence, which established the United States of America. Every July 4 is associated with picnics and competitive eating contests. At noon, there is a “Salute to the Union” fired by any capable military base. The descendants of the signatories of the Declaration of Independence ring the Liberty Bell 13 times, and the Empire State Building is illuminated in lights of red, white, and blue.

:2dst: “Aquino” (for the Aquino Tank Weekend in Ontario, Canada)

Aquino Tank Weekend is the greatest historical military show in Canada. It is organized by the Ontario Regiment Museum in Oshawa. The event is known for its unmatched World War II battle reenactments. They are staged as spectacular clashes of combat vehicles, infantry, and artillery with gunfire and explosions.The biggest reenactment—the Battle of Aquino—is dedicated to the battle near the Italian town of the same name where the Canadian army distinguished itself in 1944. Each year, the grand show gathers thousands of people, among whom are those who love history and armored vehicles, as well as families that want to spend a weekend in an interesting place.

:2dst: “Pawesome” (for the UK Veterans with Dogs charity)

Veterans With Dogs is a UK charity organization that uses assistance dogs to support current and former British Armed Forces members with service-related mental health conditions. These dogs improve veterans’ quality of life by providing assistance tasks, companionship, and emotional support. Ferris, a beloved program representative, attends events and interacts with people, showcasing the bond between dogs and humans and the power of these special animals.

:2dst: “Meteorite”

The style is based on Pallas Iron, a rare “alloy” of meteoric origin with a unique appearance that was discovered in 1749. The meteor was made up of iron, nickel, and a mineral called olivine.

This style is most likely intended for the next clanwars campaign on the Global Map, along with the “Helldiver” 3D style shown below.

:2dst: “Sharp Lines” (for Tankfest 2023)

2D Styles from Battle Pass: Season XI

:2dst: “Former Fury”

An all-season style reminding us of the time Bugeaud separated from the group in a strike of fury, started chasing an enemy column by herself, and got into an ambush. Even though her allies were there just in time, something snapped in her after the battle. This definitely is not the Colette who shoots first and asks questions later anymore.

:2dst: “Fragment of Memory”

An all-season style inspired by the Byzantine mosaic that Harman first saw in one of the liberated island’s abbeys. The striking lines and colors impressed the perfectionist so much that all he could talk about all day was how he was going to create his own masterpieces. Unsurprisingly, he spent the entirety of his leave converting the camouflage of his vehicle into a work of art.

:2dst: “Sea of Grief”

An all-season style calling back to the time when Adaškevič went on a morning fishing trip after liberating the island. An antenna from a captured tank worked as a fishing rod, Harman shared a roll of fishing line and a cork, and Colette’s hairpin made a great hook after some sharpening. No swordfish was caught that day, but the six mullets made for a nice broth.

:2dst: “Heart of Stone”

An all-season style depicting the stonework in the abbey on the liberated island. In one of the courtyard walls, Harman found a thrice-folded piece of paper with neat, short, hand-written notes. The message was encrypted, but the last lines could be read easily. The beautiful penmanship read, “Aut vincere, aut mori. Tuum usque in sempiternum, K.S.”

This fourth style will likely be available separately from the chapters, in the additional bonus bundle which is usually sold separately from the pass.

2D Styles from Steel Hunter: Reborn

:2dst: “Dreamland Veteran”

:2dst: “Arzagir Storm”

Dragon Boat Festival 2023 (Possibly Exclusive to 🇨🇳 CN Region?):

:2dst: “Crane” (dragon_boat_festival)

:2dst: “Poet’s Word” (dragon_boat_festival_2)

General 3D Styles (NOT including Battle Pass Season XI’s core vehicles)

:3dst: “Duanwu” for VIII 🇨🇿:HTelite:Skoda T 56

“There I was, wondering why Master Sergeant Dvořák returned from Asia so inspired. He himself let it slop out that the Captain allowed him to visit some dragon boat festival during his leave in the summer. So he did. The Cap will be beside himself when he sees this beauty in the garage. I mean, when did he manage to do all this? It’s got a dragon head, scales, wings—the whole package! This is no longer a combat vehicle; it’s a fire-breathing monster. Look at that. He even made a tail! Now no one will dare say that it’s impossible to find anything in our workshop.”

This style is related to the Dragon Boat festival 2D styles, so this may also be 🇨🇳 CN-exclusive — however, nothing has been confirmed at this time.

:3dst: “Independence” for X 🇺🇸:TD:T110E4

“The guys need to celebrate, Jackie. I understand that no one in their right mind will do it, but hey—just look around. What do we have here? We are balancing at the edge of despair! We need a good shake-up, and I don’t mean constant bombings… You know what I mean. Imagine yourself sitting in a camp. You’ve lost track of time, your head heavier than an anvil, with no spark in your eye. Then you hear the anthem playing and see this miracle rolling in. First, you think that you’ve completely lost your mind, but then you remember that out there, beyond the ocean, there is normal life. Out there, everyone is celebrating, and a part of that celebration has reached you. And you start thinking again how wonderful it would be to return there alive, to join a 4th of July parade, to smile and be happy… Great, isn’t it? It’s only after that you’ll regret spending this much time welding a BBQ grill to the armor instead of cleaning your weapons. But it will be after. At home. When we come back. When the sky is no longer slashed by the whirring of never-ending air ambulance helicopter blades. Us guys need to celebrate.”

:3dst: “Helldiver” for X 🇺🇸:MT:T95E6

“Why make things harder? Just throw us into a vat of acid and call it a day. ‘We patched you up,’ they say. ‘Go on, gather intel.’ What is there to gather? There is probably more life on the Moon. And the air out there is so thick with something so vile you can almost cut it. As if our tank didn’t suffer enough in battle. Let’s just finish it off. Let it turn into corroded dust—along with the crew. And those geniuses from the maintenance battalion know well enough where they’re sending us. They didn’t even give the vehicle a fresh coat of paint. I mean, why waste it? Paxton sneered, ‘Maybe you need only half a tank of fuel. You won’t even use that much.’ Sure, he can say that—he already lost his entire crew here and yet didn’t leave the service. Anyway, I don’t have anyone to blame but myself. Best in class in chemistry? Go ahead, let’s put it to the test.

This style is most likely intended for the next clanwars campaign on the Global Map, along with the “Meteorite” 2D style shown above.

While all of the above styles have relatively-clear purposes, it is unknown exactly when/how each will be made available. However, these have been included in the Update 1.21 CT files, meaning at least some of them are likely to appear in-game soon. Stay tuned!

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