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Battle Pass Season XI: 2D/3D Styles, Decals, Crew Members & Collections (Summer 2023)

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Now that the season’s 3D styles have been added to the files in the second iteration of the Update 1.21 Common Test, we can get a closer look at what’s to come in regards to Battle Pass Season XI’s rewards:

Chapter 1 – “Perfect Offensive”

3D Style – :3dst: “Hanmā” for X 🇯🇵:HT:Type 5 Heavy


“Hello, Dad. I hope you and Mom are doing well and don’t miss me much. Things are looking up for me! I think I’ll be promoted for the success of Operation Husky, just like you wanted. You should see the beast I command: a captured Japanese tank, as huge and reliable as a sledgehammer. Before our landing, our engineers reworked it so well, even you’d be surprised.

We’re on the mainland now, moving north—though not too fast. But we’ll get through it! We have no other choice. I’ve also made two friends: a bold French girl named Colette and a guy with a complicated fate named Stefan. They’re great guys, but you might not say so at first glance.

In all other respects, things are the same. As they say, a front line is a front line.

Sincerely, your son Ian.

Crew Member – :crew_m: Ian Harman


A son of an Australian Army officer who rarely received praise from his father, which made him a perfectionist in everything since childhood. He is an outgoing person, considered to be a go-to guy by his friends, even though he can be annoyingly diligent, always following army regulations to the letter. He is a bit narcissistic, but he will never admit it to anyone—not even himself.

2D Style – :2dst: “Fragment of Memory”


An all-season style inspired by the Byzantine mosaic that Harman first saw in one of the liberated island’s abbeys. The striking lines and colors impressed the perfectionist so much that all he could talk about all day was how he was going to create his own masterpieces. Unsurprisingly, he spent the entirety of his leave converting the camouflage of his vehicle into a work of art.

Decal – :decal: “Amphitheater”

Collection Page

Chapter 2 – “Hidden Message”

3D Style – :3dst: “Églantier” for X 🇫🇷:TD:Foch B

“You probably think I became a commander while drinking coffee with croissants? You two have fewer combat missions under your belts than I do. Here, you know-it-all—take a closer look at this tank destroyer.

You think I got this war trophy for my ‘beaux yeux?’ Yes, it looks very much like the French one, but it’s a German design! Like the flamethrowers, which, you can be sure, will bring the heat during the first breakthrough. When you understand what makes the compressors work, then you’ll be able to call yourself a tankman. But for now, don’t take too much on yourselves, guys, and don’t tell me who, when, and from where to attack. Je me casse.”

Crew Member – :crew_f: Colette Bugeaud


Colette grew up in the countryside and knows first-hand what hard work is—and also how to throw a party. She never tried to be feminine or delicate, and if she ever goes anywhere with a handbag, it is only to conceal her Ruby pistol. She defies established rules and always speaks her mind, which is why she is still a lieutenant. However, as long as she remains in command of her crew, she does not seem to care.

2D Style – :2dst: “Former Fury”


An all-season style reminding us of the time Bugeaud separated from the group in a strike of fury, started chasing an enemy column by herself, and got into an ambush. Even though her allies were there just in time, something snapped in her after the battle. This definitely is not the Colette who shoots first and asks questions later anymore.

Decal – :decal: “Bell Tower”

Collection Page 

Chapter 3 – “Western Storm”

3D Style – :3dst: “Sworn Brother” for X 🇺🇸:HT:T57 Heavy


“Do you remember, Yanka, how we volunteered for the Army? You signed up as Andrzej and didn’t respond to this name for the first couple of days. I didn’t think we’d be sent to the South—it’s too far from home. Well, Africa’s no resort, but we’re not timid—we did it!

Looks to me we’ll have a hard time in Italy, too, but who’s going to ask us?

My only dream is to come back to my homeland and build a house when this is all over. A small one by the river. To live a normal life—although it seems it’ll never be normal again… All right, everything will be fine. We’ll take a steam bath, and that grandma will treat us to smalec. Be careful and come back soon, and I’ll take care of that famed Duplex Drive system. The landing is serious business, so I’ll be working here ’til morning.”

Crew Member – :crew_m: Stefan Adaškevič


He does not look like a hard-boiled commander. He does not need glory, recognition, or awards. Even so, Adaškevič always performs his missions with the utmost responsibility. He is not used to sharing his plans, especially considering they are coming to life exactly the opposite: A true patriot of his country, he is forced to serve away from his fatherland, and his only friend recently went missing on a mission that was supposed to last eight hours. In moments of desperation, Stefan unknowingly hums his favorite song about red poppies, even though his voice is not like it used to be anymore.

2D Style – :2dst: “Sea of Grief”


An all-season style calling back to the time when Adaškevič went on a morning fishing trip after liberating the island. An antenna from a captured tank worked as a fishing rod, Harman shared a roll of fishing line and a cork, and Colette’s hairpin made a great hook after some sharpening. No swordfish was caught that day, but the six mullets made for a nice broth.

Decal – :decal: “Abbey”

Collection Page

Collections Bonus (Free)

The following decal will be given as a bonus for unlocking 9 collection elements during Season XI:

Decal – :decal: “Scooter”

Additional rewards from the Season XI Collection include up to 3 tokens (1 for free pass holders).

Battle Pass Bonus Pack (Paid)

Additionally, a fourth crew member and 2D style will be available via the usual Battle Pass bonus pack’s mission set (sold separately from the premium passes):

Crew Member – :crew_f: Katherine Sanders


A brilliant student and a very creative person. She never misses an opportunity to do things by herself, knowing full well that her initiative will not go unpunished. She taught herself several languages (including Italian) and finished a special crypto radio operators class with flying colors. She is married, but she does not like to discuss her personal life.

2D Style – :2dst: “Heart of Stone”


An all-season style depicting the stonework in the abbey on the liberated island. In one of the courtyard walls, Harman found a thrice-folded piece of paper with neat, short, hand-written notes. The message was encrypted, but the last lines could be read easily. The beautiful penmanship read, “Aut vincere, aut mori. Tuum usque in sempiternum, K.S.”

Of additional note — this season will be the first to feature Experimental Equipment in the free pass, as well as gold in the premium rewards track.

Season XI of Battle Pass is expected to launch at the start of June, along with Update 1.21.  Stay tuned!


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