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Update 1.20 CT Leak: TITT Rozanov (Soviet Tier VIII Medium Tank)

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With the launch of the Update 1.20 Common Test earlier today, an intriguing new vehicle appeared in the files, which has not yet been seen on Supertest: VIII :flag_ussr_wot::MTelite:TITT Rozanov, an unusual-looking medium tank with additional “barrels” (rollers) in front of the tracks.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The vehicle’s stats do not appear to be correct at the moment, and so they will not be listed here just yet. However, I have included the current ones in the first two screenshots:

Historical Reference

As bizarre as it may look, this vehicle does have historical roots! While never produced in metal, this vehicle originates from a blueprinted design circa 1944, drawn up by Lieutenant L.V. Rozanov (hence the vehicle’s name).

From the in-game description:

A project of the self-taught engineer Rozanov. The fighting tank had thick, angled armor plates, its suspension was protected by folding screens, and the main feature was the addition of driven “battle rollers” in the front. They were supposed to protect suspension from mines and shells and, if needed, be raised up. Rozanov’s other ideas included armored protection for tank-borne infantry, as well as a shell delivery system involving a chain-driven autoloader. The project was rejected by GABTU, as “battle rollers” could not be used as a mine clearer in reality, and some other suggestions were not developed enough from an engineering standpoint.

And to quote a post from Giganaut on Sketchfab:

Several inventions were immediately proposed in March 1944 by the commander of a rifle platoon, Lieutenant L.V. Rozanov, who was at that time in the 17th separate officer reserve regiment. It was a heavy-type fighter tank based on the design of the serial T-34, equipped with a “large-caliber automatic weapon”. The project of the fighter tank was considered at the GABTU in early June 1944, and the second proposal of the inventor was sent to the invention department of the Main Artillery Directorate of the Red Army.

In-Hangar Previews

The two barrels on the front are actually driven, connected to the front-mounted drive sprockets by a chain drive (though, it is unclear whether these work in-game at this time):

It is not yet known if/where this vehicle will appear in the game.

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