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Update 1.11: Panzer Claus vs Dr. Udestein Tankmas Event 3D Styles

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Update 1.11 Common Test 2 might not bring new visible content, but there is always something hidden in plain sights, like the brand new 3D style for Tier X German heavy tank Panzer VII and Swedish UDES15/16.

Judging by their description, these styles might be for the upcoming Christmas Santa Maus vs Krampusvagn Tankmas event, but this year it will be Panzer VII vs UDES 15/16 or Panzer Claus vs Dr Udestein Tankmas.


Panzer Claus is the brother of the one and only Santa Maus. After his victories over the nefarious Krampusvagn and Evil-100, Santa Maus has gone missing and is nowhere to be found. Panzer Klaus believes this to be the work of the diabolical Dr. Udestein. Although he will stop at nothing in order to find his brother, the question remains: Can Panzer Claus find his brother in time to save Tankmas?

As tungsten’s brought to fill the pump,
Titanium and cobalt start to grump.
With copper, mercury, chrome, and zinc,
Sulfur is taken to the brink.

Now let the sheer might of the steel
Ally with my will’s appeal.
Then when fire is to combust,
All metal is turned to ash and dust.

For as the elements will combine,
They seek to form the one true design.
Bound by fury at its core
From the furnace, it will pour.

Thor’s great hammer then shall mold
An offspring born of heat and cold,
Hardened and finished by mystic spells
To the distant tolling of hell’s bells.

With chilling clanking of the chains,
All staples take assigned domains.
Seam by seam, sheet by sheet,
One final touch, the armor stands complete.

And now the beast goes marching out
With strength of vital spark and clout.
If it ventures down your way,
It might as well be your last day.

To make the styles even more interesting, both of them have some nice light effect features, like the Panzer Claus with the blinking lights and the Udestein with the red pulsing lights and radio.

So, what do you think? Looking forward for Tankmas event this year? We don’t know yet how you will be able to get these styles, but would you like to have them for your Panzer

15,466 thoughts on “Update 1.11: Panzer Claus vs Dr. Udestein Tankmas Event 3D Styles

  1. What?! A 3D Skin without 16 50cal. Guns all over the tank?
    Wow and it even looks so much nicer.
    GG Wg

  2. This is AWESOME! Pity it’s a not a 3d style for all tanks, like the one we got last year when you reached lvl 10 atmosp. Seems something of a trent “lights”. Just like the Leopard halloween lights…
    Any idea what’s for lvl 10 atmosp. this year? Holiday Ops is so much fun.

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