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Tankfest 2019: Make the Panther Roar – French Tier VI Premium

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Tankfest 2019 will bring yet another new Premium tank to the game: Bretagne Panther.

This French Premium medium tank was introduced to the game with the latest micro patch, hidden in the game files like a real Panther.

According to WOT Express, it should only be on sale for the EU region, as the tank is the same one that will be featured during Tankfest 2019. Expect it to be on sale closer to the event, as previous years edition tanks.

The Bretagne Panther is a French Tier VI Premium medium tank and its based on the real Bretagne Panther. The vehicle is ready for release and should be very similar to the Polish Pudel. The main difference is the Panther model, while the Pudel is a Panther Ausf. G, the Bretagne Panther is a Panther Ausf. A.

Overall, its yet another historical vehicle added as a Premium tank for a different nation. Do you like these vehicles or should Wargaming stop the copy/paste of vehicles and make them Premiums? Let us know in the comment section.

Source: WOT Express

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15,466 thoughts on “Tankfest 2019: Make the Panther Roar – French Tier VI Premium

  1. Wish/hope NA can get it…. were far away from Tankfest but that doesnt mean were not interested in cool stuff like this or those neat camos that were in the premium shop a few months ago on EU

  2. To be honest, NA and other regions will most probably get it later, as it’s a Tankfest special, thats why its released on EU first.

  3. I hope for Piper’s or other “basic” German Panther for tier 6 as well..

  4. I think as long as they don’t release another OP premium like the Defender, it is ok.

  5. I’m ok with it, at least it’s not a defender and they gotta make money 2

  6. Im all for famous historical tanks being sold as premiums, even if they are a tad bit worse. BTW, I wonder why WG have not made a premium of the Panther from the Cologne duel? Eagle 7 vs Cologne Panther, that would be nice

  7. why put it on the NA SERVER if they wont let us get one. They keep crapping on the NA server . no ranked battles not camo for tank fest and now no panther.

  8. I am fine with it. In fact, I will buy it. I like historical models.

  9. Honestly, what would be really cool would be introducing more tech-tree vehicles. I’d love to see things like an Italian TD line or a Christie tank line in game, tbh.

  10. I hope the Asia server gets it. France has been long overdue a mid tier premium MT. I just need to get rid of those roundels because they just look silly. Plus we have tons of KV/IS/Object clones so I don’t see what’s wrong with another Panther, a historical one no less.

  11. I with having four Panthers ingame. Or Shermans. Just so long as they do not release anything again like a Defender/Object 252U

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