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Scavenger Hunt (NA): Get Free Goodies

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First I would like to apologise for completely missing on announcing this when it first came out, been so busy that I’ve forgotten about it. But fear not, you’re still on time of getting nice goodies out of Wargaming.

February Scavenger Hunt

This month Scavenger Hunt is going to be different, its all about NA Community Contributors. Every day during the month, one of our CC’s will drop a new bonus code on their channel. Each code awards you the same Booster package as shown above, and you can collect up to 28 Bonus Codes during the month. You can also earn extra rewards based on the total number of Scavenger Hunt codes you redeem in February, the more codes you redeem, the more extra prizes you earn.

Each code will be active for 48 hours, so it gives you time to redeem it even if you miss a day, and as we have missed the first ones, I’ll let you know who was yesterday code: Fortec_Taquito.

Today’s code will be announced on XanderP, he will share his code on his Twitch ChannelYouTube, and Facebook Community at 6:00 PM CT.

Don’t forget to check him to learn who is the next Community Contributor who will be announcing a code. Remember, the more codes you activate the more rewards you get:

  • 5 Codes: 3x small repair, 3x small med kit, 3x manual fire
  • 11 Codes: 3x large repair, 3x large medkit, 3x auto fire
  • 18 codes: 1x Garage Slot
  • 27 Codes: 10K XP applied to the vehicle used to play the battle
  • 28 Codes: 50K XP applied to the vehicle used to play the battle + 5x each food consumable

Good luck everyone.