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Sandbox 2.0 – Light Tanks Tech Trees

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Hello everyone,

First of all a big thanks to our friends at for sending this to me, so I can share them with you all. Here’s a few images of the current Tech Trees for all Nations who will have Tier X Light Tanks.

Please remember Sandbox Server is test and these values and changes might NEVER make it to the live server.


15,466 thoughts on “Sandbox 2.0 – Light Tanks Tech Trees

  1. So i currently have the RU 251. Should i buy the Leopard PTA so i have 2x tier 9 when the update comes out? I haven’t researched it yet.

  2. You need to have it researched so you can have access to it. There isn’t a date to when these changes will come to the game, OR IF they will EVER COME this way.

  3. I know 🙂 But will it be worth researching? So i don’t have to do a whole line…. IF it ends up looking like this?

  4. Yeah, unlock the Leo PTA and in case you decided you want to do that line you got it unlocked already. It’s worth it, i love the Leo 1

  5. this is not fare all t8 got promoted to t9 but wz 132 is not geting promoted ….thats the only one i have

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