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Sandbox 2.0 – Artillery

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Hello everyone,

Second part of the Sandbox Server is now online and this time we are requested to test new Artillery mechanics. Here’s what has been published on the Sandbox Server Portal.


SPGs are notorious for their ability to deal fatal damage, miss a lot, and take forever to reload. We want to transform them into efficient team players, who soften targets and help set the attack direction from afar. So, we have:

  • Introduced stun effect, revised and improved following last year’s Sandbox test:
    • Implemented the ability to reduce the stun effect and lift it with consumables, which are now multi-use
    • Added stun indicators that should help both teams quickly assess the situation and adjust their battle plans accordingly
  • Limited the number of SPGs in a battle to no more than 3 per team
  • Revised SPG ammo load, shell, and combat parameters
    • No AP and HEAT shells for SPGs
    • Decreased penetration and alpha damage for HE shells, while also improving their accuracy, dispersion on the move, aiming and reload time
  • Increased the blast radius and revised the damage falloff within it
  • Introduced target area marking so that SPGs can show friendly vehicles where they are aiming
  • Added alternative aim for SPGs to make arty gameplay more engaging and efficient

We believe these changes will make tanks and TDs less vulnerable to out-of-the-blue shots. At the same time, arty will get a more pronounced role, and a few mechanics to make it more exciting and rewarding.

Current SPG mechanics disrupt gaming experience. Occasional one-shots and poor accuracy make them little fun for both camps: those driving them and those fighting them. As part of the 2nd testing phase, we’ll limit the number of SPGs in a battle to the maximum of 3 per team and introduce a series of tweaks to artillery, all aimed at making them more team-oriented and less devastating for others.

This isn’t our first attempt to fix arty. Most of the changes on the list were first tested in last year’s Sandbox. What you’re getting now is a new iteration built on the lessons learnt, stats, and feedback that we gathered. Also, this time it’ll be a more focused test: arty is the only item on the 2nd phase’s agenda. So, there won’t be any other changes that could dilute the experience.

We hope that this time we get it right. But no matter how many internal tests we hold, they won’t tell if the overhauled arty settings add fun and diversity to gameplay. Do they take the overall experience up a notch? Which changes are fine as they are and which require some more fine-tuning? We have our opinion, and are now inviting you to test them and tell us yours.

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