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M6A2E1 Available on Premium Shop

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Hello everyone,

Like I said, it wasn’t an April Fools, but some of you still didn’t believe it… M6A2E1 is now available on the EU Premium Shop in two bundles. Yes, they are both expensive, but do remember this is a rare tank and Wargaming doesn’t want to see loads of them back into the game… Is it right to profit on a tank they said they would never sell again? No, but at last I have the change to get another tank missing in my collection and maybe you too.

Update #1

Because I won’t have time today to do several articles for all servers, the tank will be available across all servers just today, just check your region Premium Shop to check out the prices.

M6A2E1 – Ultimate – 69.99€

  • M6A2E1
  • Slot
  • Gold: 10,500
  • Premium Account: 30 Days
  • 15× Missions: X5 XP For a Victory

M6A2E1 – Supreme – 99.99€

  • M6A2E1
  • Slot
  • Gold: 20,000
  • 50x Personal Reserves: +300% Crew XP for 2 hours
  • 30× Missions: X5 XP For a Victory

15,466 thoughts on “M6A2E1 Available on Premium Shop

  1. Do I feel bad for the people who thought they were buying an exclusive tank? Yes, I probably do.

    But, like you, I now have in my collection one of the few tanks I was still missing :P.

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