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M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII Coming to NA Server

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Hello everyone,

I was digging around all the “hidden” changes for Update 9.18 and found the M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII price had been updated to 3,450 Gold, a flag the tank was ready to be released. Then BTed72 sends me a message telling me to check the NA Portal latest news:


M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII available from May 4 to June 5.

So the first “Ace Tank” that will be introduced in the game. What’s an “Ace Tank”? It’s a special Premium tank that celebrates a specific Ace Tanker, in this caset he Thunderbolt VII tank under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Creighton Abrams, the commander of the 37th Tank Battalion (subsequently a General and U.S. Army Chief of Staff). The vehicle was effectively the M4A3E8 Sherman tank with additional armor mounted in the field.

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