World of Tanks

World of Tanks 9.19 Possible Dates

Hello everyone,

The following are unconfirmed dates, but we should expect them to be accurate as last time they were shared.

  • Update 9.19 Common Test First Iteration – 4th May 2017
  • Update 9.19 Common Test Second Iteration – 11th May 2017
  • Update 9.19 Release Date is set to end of May on Russian Server first, but no day has been revealed yet.

Source: WOT Express

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  1. Rushing into the next patch just gonna be another cluster [edited] like 9.18!!!

    1. Wargaming has more people working on new content, Frontlines for example, is being developed by an outside studio. I’m glad we are going back to “monthly updates” like we used to have when the game came out.

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