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German Jagdtiger (H) Premium Tank Destroyer – Pictures, Armour & Stats

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Hello everyone,

A new Tier VIII German Premium Tank Destroyer has emerged for Supertesters, Jagdtiger (H). It’s still unknown if this will be a normal Premium or a Reward and how you will be able to get it.


Please remember these stats are supertest stats with 100% crew and are subject to change before the final version.

Source: WOT Express VK


In-game Pictures



  • Tier VIII Tank Destroyer
  • Hit Points: 1600
  • Gun 12.8 cm PaK 44 L/55 – Tier IX

    • Shell Avg. Penetration: 246 / 311 / 65 mm
    • Shell Avg. Damage: 490 / 490 / 630
  • Reload Time: 12.46s
  • Rate of Fire: 4.813 rounds/min
  • Aiming Time: 2.21s
  • Average Damage per Minute: 2358.5 HP/min
  • Accuracy0.336
  • Gun Depression/Elevation Angles: -7.5 / +? deg
  • Gun Traverse Speed: 27.1 deg/s
  • Traverse Speed: 20 deg/s
  • Terrain Resistance
    • Hard: 0.959
    • Medium: 1.151
    • Soft: 2.205
  • Armour: 250 / 80 / 40
  • Weigh/Load Limit: 74.92 / 79 t
  • Engine Power: 700 hp
  • Specific Power: 9.34 hp/t
  • Top Speed / Reverse Speed: 38 / 12 km/h
  • Concealment of Stationary Vehicle: 18.7 (%)
  • Concealment of Moving Vehicle: 11.2 (%)
  • View Range: 370 m
  • Signal Range: 740 m
  • Crew: 6 (Commander, Driver, Gunner, Radio Operator, Loader, Loader)

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15,466 thoughts on “German Jagdtiger (H) Premium Tank Destroyer – Pictures, Armour & Stats

  1. a much of a fan of the jagdtiger i am… do we really need /another/ german tier 8 TD?

  2. if you haters don’t need the tank the game needs a lot of tanks…do we need s4-s5-s6-s7 or iphon4-5-6-7-?….if there are buyers there is a need of these tanks…who want to buy has the opportunnity to choose.
    This tank can be a reward premium tank for the next tier 8 campaign also.

  3. I don’t know this is pretty interesting even if you have a JT88.

    The thing has monster alpha compared to the JT88, slightly worse aiming time with a longer reload and slightly worse hull armor in the back while it’s HE-round is like a haymaker with 630 dmg.

    It looks pretty interesting. It could train crews like there was no tomorrow and it could very definitely help out either hull-down or at a distance in battles—peeling off a quarter or even a third of the health of many of the tanks it was going to see in one shot.

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