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Armored Warfare: Bonus Mission Praise the Sun!

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This year’s Armored Warfare summer will be hot – hotter than you can imagine! A lot of brand new content is coming, including a whole set of vehicles, a new PvP map, Battalion activities as well as other amazing events, due to start in the near future!


Let’s celebrate the beginning of the holiday season with a few bonus missions to whet your appetite. It’s time to praise the sun with a decal – but be careful to not die obtaining it!

Between June 21 and June 26, 2018, the following bonus and missions will be active:

  • 300% Experience income bonus (x4) for the first victory of the day for the Global Operations and Special Operations mode
  • Win 1 battle in any mode to receive the Summer Sun decal
  • Destroy 2 enemy vehicles in any mode to receive 3 Fire Extinguisher consumables
  • Deal 50.000 damage in any mode to receive 3 First Aid Cabinet consumables


Please note:

  • This event starts on June 21, 16:00 CEST (7 AM PDT)
  • This event ends on June 26, 16:00 CEST (7 AM PDT)