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Advent Calendar 2021: Day 1 – Mission Only

1 min read

Advent Calendar 2021 Day one brings you only a Battle Mission with no deal, kind of a sweet opener to this season special. To access it, just head on into your game and check out the calendar in your garage. Good luck!

Advent Calendar: Day 1 Mission


  • Be among the top 10 players on your team by the following parameter: Damage caused.


  • x2 Credit Reserves +50% bonus to Credits earned in battle for 2 h
  • x2 Crew Reserves +200% bonus to Crew Experience earned in battle for 2  h
  • x2 XP Reserves +50% bonus to Experience earned in battle for 2 h


  • Mission can be completed in the following modes: Grand Battle, Random Battle
  • Available Once Per Account
  • Only available for vehicles of Tier IV and above.