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Advent Calendar 2016 – Day 5

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Hello everyone,

And on the fifth day of Christmas we got the VK 45.03 with 6.500 Gold, 10x Personal Reverses +100% XP for €49,99.


Don’t forget, this time we got the just the tank for €29,15.So if you want the tank but you don’t want to spend a fortune in a bundle, just get the tank without any discounts. I’ve missed the Advent Calendar Day 4 and the second part of the code was shared there. Here’s the codes for each region so far.

Christmas Code – 1st Part

  • EU Region: QD
  • SEA Region: 6M
  • NA Region: NZ

Christmas Code – 2st Part

  • EU Region: WE
  • SEA Region: ZA
  • NA Region: GJ

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