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WoT Blitz – Update 3.6 – Changes to the Battle Chat

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Coordination between allies is extremely important for successful teamwork, which is why World of Tanks Blitz features the battle chat and quick commands menu. Unfortunately, the chat is frequently used inappropriately: damaged allies might disclose your position to the enemy, and the enemy can distract you with taunts or worse. To save you from all this, the following changes will be applied in Update 3.6:

  • The chat between enemy teams will be disabled.
  • Communication with allies will only be available while your vehicle is not destroyed.
  • Platoon chat will remain unchanged: you will be able to send messages to your platoon mate even after your vehicle is destroyed.

The changes will be applied to Random Battles and tournaments. Chat settings will not be changed for training rooms.

We wish you exciting battles and outstanding victories!

15,466 thoughts on “WoT Blitz – Update 3.6 – Changes to the Battle Chat

  1. Here we go again…
    Making MMO game less social. great sucess WG!

  2. Restricting freedom of speech is pretty lame… This is a battle sim, so critique from opponents should kind of be expected – and part of the enjoyment: it stimulates you to fight harder and gets adrenaline flowing… People who do not like a bit of confrontation in a controlled environment should not really be playing a battle sim?
    As for allies, if you have played as a good team member and done your best, you are more likely to get praise than h***le – and vice versa..
    So there you have it: a new chat mode that is designed for the opposite of people who enjoy a battle and for the opposite of people who enjoy good teamwork… You really do not seem to understand your customers…
    Having invested time and money in this game, I am disappointed that you have weakened a key part of the fun…
    Why not give your customers the option of seeing chat or not and see who chooses the restrictive version of chat you have imposed…?

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