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World of Tanks Blitz: Missile Exercise – ATGM Incoming & KpfPz 70

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Two new vehicles are coming very soon to World of Tanks Blitz. the first vehicle is a modification of the T49 equipped with antitank guided missiles. Yes, you read that right: GUIDED missiles! The second one is the brand-new Tier IX KpfPz 70 tank.



Players will temporarily receive a Tier VII vehicle with the unique game mechanics of the T49 ATGM for completing the lower part of the middle stage.

Players will receive the vehicle with unlocked equipment and a garage slot. The T49 ATGM tank will be removed from players Garage after the end of the game event, but players will keep the Garage Slot used for this tank.

In terms of its characteristics, the tank resembles the T49. The main difference is its gun. It has a longer loading time and fires missiles, which fly directly where you guide them due to the absence of dispersion. Additionally, the Commander of the T49 ATGM can correct the trajectory of the missile. While in the air, the missile will follow your reticle that is always located in the center of the screen (don’t mistake it for the aiming circle). It looks like this:

T49 ATGM – Tier VII Guided Missile Tank

These mechanics allow players to fire from behind a hill or around a corner and hit the cabin of an inattentive tank destroyer from above. On the other hand, if your target is located within your visual range, you’ll have to track it with your reticle in order to keep the missile along the desired route. As you can see, you’ll need to get used to using such an unusual gun.


KpfPz 70

A 1960s joint project of US and German engineers, also known as the MBT-70. Due to disagreements between the parties, this vehicle was never put to mass production. Later the project was divided into two national programs.

You can get the Premium Tier IX KpfPz 70 tank in two ways: become one of the first thousand players who earned the largest number of Combat Sigils or collect 5,500 Charms.

In the game, the KpfPz 70 inherited the armour of US vehicles: a light hull and a robust turret that allows you to fire from cover exposing only your forehead. The vehicle has an average speed and boasts an effective power-to-weight ratio for a heavy tank. It’s equipped with a 152-mm gun. The gun cannot boast a high rate of fire, but it’s quite powerful: 560 points of damage in a single shot!


How players be able to get these tanks?

Players won’t be able to just quickly get these tanks, a  game event will take place from August 18 to September 10 and consist of three stages. During all three stages, players will have an opportunity to win containers and the main reward: the Premium Tier IX KpfPz 70 tank.

The Leaderboard and Combat Sigils

Every day, from August 18 to September 1, you will receive Combat Sigils for the first five battles that you win on Tier V to X vehicles in random, rating, or tournament battles:

  • The more damage you deal, the more Combat Sigils you get.
  • Dealing one point of damage on a Tier X vehicle will bring you one Combat Sigil.
  • Since the average damage dealt by Tier V to IX vehicles is lower, we will use multiplying factors. These factors will help decrease the gap between players using high-tier vehicles and those who don’t have them. Anyway, a larger number of Combat Sigils can be more easily gained on Tier X vehicles.
  • Premium Account and boosters won’t affect the number of Combat Sigils.

After you collect 8,000 Combat Sigils, you’ll get onto the leaderboard on our website and be able to compete for rewards. The data on the leaderboard will be updated every five minutes. If several players have an equal number of Combat Sigils, the player who earned them earlier will be on top.

After September 1, the 1,000 players with the most Combat Sigils will be awarded the Premium Tier IX KpfPz 70 tank with legendary camo, 6 pieces of unlocked equipment, and a slot in the Garage.

Depending on their results, other participants who got onto the leaderboard will receive standard and special containers, which will bring them closer to the grand prize—the Tier IX KpfPz 70.

Awarding stages and Orders

From August 18 to September 1, you will receive Orders for completing missions. Completing missions on Tier V to X vehicles will bring you a larger number of Orders compared to Tier I to IV vehicles. Premium Account and boosters won’t affect the number of Orders.

You need Orders to complete awarding stages of the game event. This time, the stages are not interrelated, and you can select a desired award: Gold, Free Experience, Spare Parts, various boosters, certificates for a slot, Premium Account, and standard or special containers.


You won’t be able to receive Orders after September 1. The rest of the stages (except two stages in the middle) can only be completed using Gold.


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  1. Those two are the same tank. At that point it was still a joint project. It wasn’t until later when they split and the US continued development on the MBT-70 when it became a ‘US-only’ prototype.

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