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Ads in The Daily Bounce?

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Hello everyone,

Today I had to make a difficult choice regarding the blog: to run or not to run ads?

It was my objective since the beginning to not have then in the blog, because they annoy me sometimes in other blogs and it was never my intention to earn money with the blog. But as things grow, some things also change.

With the recent Wargaming invitation to attend WG Fest and a few other things that are on-going with the blog, the expenses have been going up. This means I have to find a way to cover for these extra expenses and anything extra will enable me to start doing giveaways for all of you.

So, could I please kindly ask you readers if you could disable any adblocker you might run on your browser so I can start having some revenue?

Please disable AdBlocker

I would like to thank everyone that has been supporting the blog and my work, I hope my work will continuously improve so I can bring you even more great content.

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  1. Seems OK with me. You provide valuable content which is something more than copy/paste from WG site. Good luck

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