World of Warships

World of Warships Supertest – Deepwater Torpedos, Giulio Cesare & Minimap Changes


Giulio Cesare

Maximum dispersion of main battery Giulio Cesare will be increased from 138 m to 226 m. The change is needed to reduce the excessive efficiency of the ship.


Deepwater torpedoes mechanics.

Based on test results, it was decided to implement the second version of deep-water torpedo mechanics. Now they hit the target depending on the target class. Torpedoes of Pan-Asian destroyers in this version hit all ship classes, except for destroyers.



Players will be able to turn on the display of Hydroacoustic Search and Surveillance Radar range on the minimap.



  1. So what’s the meaning of this ship? No Armour, no range, no DPS, abysmal accuracy 226 spread at 16km is not the same of 21km of a Kongo, and that with 1,5 sigma! Reducing accuracy was OK, as far as, say, 180,190, but 226 at 16km?!? With 1,5Sigma?!? These guns are like throwing a handful of gravel as far as you can at a small can!
    And BTW, tier V is full of Iron Dukes…
    Good job!… >__>

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