World of Tanks – What could be inside?

Hello everyone,

Wargaming is making just one simple question: “What kind of Beast could be hiding in this briefcase?”


What’s your guess? I have no idea what is coming up, so it will be a surprise for all of us… or maybe it’s just another Premium Tank that we all know about already?


8 thoughts on “World of Tanks – What could be inside?

  1. it’s a tiger


  2. 😮 no idea


  3. I have a feeling it is another premium that we’ve already seen. Possibly an animal named tank or has an animal camo. Skorpion, KR patton, Panther 8.8, Heavy tank VI, Scorpion. etc

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  4. Where is the image from? Not seeing it anywhere.


  5. I bet it will be a bundle with the Skorpion


  6. Nothing real, just virtual, for real money.


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