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Early Leak: First Night Battles Test in Arcade Cabinet! (WoT 1.21)

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Right on the heels of the recent announcement of the initial test for Random Events/Dynamic Cover taking place in Recon Mission 2023, it appears we may now know where the first version of the Night Battles testing may take place: the Arcade Cabinet!

In the Update 1.21 Common Test files, the packages containing the UI files for the Arcade Cabinet mode (aka fun_random) were updated with a bunch of new images — most of which are different sizes of the same graphic for the different areas where it is used (i.e. the mode selector/prime-time backgrounds, etc). The clearest version of this graphic, which gives us the best look at what’s coming, is the one used for the in-battle help screen:

This graphic appears to feature the valley on the Mountain Pass map, though this may simply be for illustrative purposes. However, the main item to note here is the icons at the bottom — it appears that the following game elements will be modified in the mode:

  • Vehicle concealment
  • Viewrange
  • Spotting times (i.e. how long a vehicle remains spotted for while within an enemy’s line-of-view)

It is most likely that vehicle concealment in the mode will be improved, while viewrange and spotting times will be reduced — after all, it’s harder to see clearly at night!

It is unknown exactly when the Arcade Cabinet featuring Night Battles will launch; however, as these UI elements were added to the files in the Update 1.21 Common Test, it is likely the mode will run sometime during the Summer, after the patch’s expected release around the end of this month (despite the long delay in the release of Update 1.20.1). Beyond this, it is not yet known how exactly the feature will be implemented in the long-term — i.e. whether it will be implemented into Random Battles in a similar fashion to the planned Random Events.

Get ready to experience Night Battles in World of Tanks soon™️, and stay tuned for more info!

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