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World of Warships Update

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Hello everyone,

World of Warships will be hit with an update on 26 January across all servers. Here’s the official patch notes.


Release Notes

  • Parameters of the permanent camouflage for the Battleship Alabama were changed.
  • Fixed the bug where the “From Reserve” and “From other ships” lists of Commanders were sorted incorrectly.
  • Fixed the error where, after logging in, the tab with the clantag of the World of Tanks or World of Warplanes clan in the tab’s name was displayed next to the “Profile” tab, but the player was not in fact a member of that clan.
  • Now, when a Dragon ship is added to the player’s account, the checkbox (in the “Additional” group of the filter panel) that enables display of these ships in the ship carousel will automatically be enabled.
  • Updated the video tutorial in the Commander Skills screen.
  • Disabled New Year visuals in the game client.
  • Fixed the bug where the button for purchasing Premium ships was not displayed in the “Modules” tab.
  • All players who participated in the “Santas Wanted” special event will be granted a commemorative flag (the flag will be sent within a day of the patch’s release).



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