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World of Warships – Sub_Octavian on CV’s and German DD’s

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Hello everyone,

Sub_Octavian made a comment regarding some changes Wargaming is preparing for CV’s on the Russian Forum:

We are preparing a package of various interface enhancements and fixes, plus we want to correct the situation at lower levels. It may be more of an economy (in the direction of improvement) and balance, but not all at once. We currently have no plans to radically change everything at one point, we aim for gradual changes and measurements after each of them.

Players have been asking for some changes to the CV’s class and Wargaming seems to be working on something.He also mentioned the German DD’s regarding their performance and possible changes in the future.

The Germans are really good at the moment on all lower tiers, but average and normal at Tier IX and X. The situation will change somewhat with revisions to the “glare system”. Their excessive “glare” per shot, most likely, will be removed and they will be more comfortable.”

No further details were given, meaning we can’t say exactly when these changes will come to the game or if they will at all.