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World of Warships: King of the Sea XIV – Register Now!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, as Fall just arrives, the tournament King of the Sea is making its great return for its 14th edition! Enter the arena Gladiators! Gather your team and get ready to compete with the finest fighters this game has to offer! Make your way to the top to win 50 000$ in cash price, shiploads of steel, doubloons, and more.

Just like every previous King of the Sea, the tournament will start with separate competitions in each region; EU, NA, Asia, and China. The winning team from each server gets the “King of the Sea” title and receives all the associated rewards. They will be crowned with the King of the Sea title as well as the King of the Sea flag which is only possessed by a single team per region. This winner title also comes with account-wide economy bonuses.

Key Rules

Format: Tier X ships; 9 vs. 9

Restrictions: Each team can field a maximum of two battleships; aircraft carriers and submarines aren’t permitted

A team may only take a maximum of the following ships:

  • Combined limit of Kremlin and Ohio: One (1)
  • Combined limit of Petropavlovsk and Napoli: One (1)
  • Combined limit of Moskva and A. Nevsky: Two (2)
  • Combined limit of Kleber, Marceau, and Ragnar: Three (3)
    • Limit of Kleber: Two (2)
    • Limit of Marceau: Two (2)
    • Limit of Ragnar: Two (2)


  • Before each series of matches between two teams, each team can vote to ban one ship from being playable for both teams throughout all the matches of the series.
    Note: This applies only to select matches. For more details visit the ruleset or contact tournament officials on discord.

Number of teams: up to 128 per region

Map Pool:

  • Tears of the Desert
  • Northern Waters
  • North
  • Crash Zone Alpha
  • Sea of Fortune*
  • Sleeping Giant*
  • Shatter*

*The layout of Key Areas on these maps has been changed for King of the Sea XIV.



  • Qualifying stage: October 8 and 9
  • Group stage: October 15
  • Regional playoffs: October 16, 22 and 23
  • International Finals: October 29 and 30


  • Qualifying stage: October 8 and 9
  • Group stage: October 15 and 16
  • Regional playoffs: October 22 and 23
  • International Finals: October 29 and 30


  • Group stage: October 15
  • Regional playoffs: October 16, 22 and 23
  • International Finals: October 29 and 30

When it comes to the Chinese Server, they have their own dedicated website to look at but I sadly have no link for it.

If you want more details on the tournament’s Structure and Rules, you can follow the link below:


Click here to read the terms and conditions of the tournament.

How to Participate

To sign your team up for the tournament:

  1. Join the King of the Sea Discord server via the link below.
  2. Follow the instructions in the #welcome channel; access your region’s channels in #role-assignment.
  3. Follow the information in your regional #signup or #announcements channels.
    Note: Places in the tournament are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Official registrations website

The number of teams is limited! Participants are registered on a first come, first served basis.


Discord is the primary communication platform used during the tournament. You can access the King of the Sea channel via the link below. Joining this server is mandatory for tournament participants.

It is mandatory for two players from each team to be available on the Discord server throughout the tournament.

The official language of the tournament is English. Please make sure that at least one of the players on your team can understand and speak it!

KOTS Discord server link


Regional prizes

The coveted crowning trophy of the tournament is the King of the Sea flag, as well as a level 3 “For Personal Merits” permanent economic bonus, which grants the following global economic bonus to the accounts of all winning team members:

  • +50% Commander XP per battle
  • +15% XP per battle
  • +15% Credits per battle

The flag and economic bonus are removed from the winning team’s accounts if they fail to defend the title of King of the Sea in the following edition of the tournament.

Other than that, participating teams can all aspire to collect varying amounts of Steel, Doubloons, and rare King of the Sea camouflages, as well as top-level expendable economic bonuses and Made of Steel permanent camouflages.

EU Prizes:

Asia and NA Prizes:

A player must have participated in at least one match during the tournament to be eligible for one of the rewards.

International Finals prizes

Winning teams from each region will face each other in the high-stakes International finals, where they will be fighting to claim the biggest share of the 50 000 $ cash treasure!

Rewards for Viewers

King of the Sea collection

During the 13th edition of the tournament, we announced that the King of the Sea collection would be discontinued. However, since many players had still been unable to complete it, we decided to bring it back for King of the Sea XIV.

The collection comprises 16 elements split into four sections that pay homage to the tournament’s history.

  • Completing each of the four sections will reward you with 1 day of Warships Premium Account.
  • Completing the entire collection will bring you a Premium Ship VII container, which is guaranteed to drop a random Tier VII Premium ship.

During King of the Sea XIV, you can obtain up to eight collection item containers for free:

  • One will be delivered to your account when logging in to the game for the first time close to the beginning of the tournament. Simple as that.
  • Four will be split between the weekly Ship’s Log articles on our website during Update 0.11.9. Click the buttons hidden between the lines and complete a small mission to get the containers.
  • Three more containers will be available through Twitch Drops when viewing the first three weekends of the tournament, respectively—simply watch one of the participating livestreams for at least 90 minutes and you’ll get a mission credited to your game account to unlock each container.

On top of that, you can find three more King of the Sea collection containers in the Armory’s Naval Community tab for 2,000 Community Tokens each. With the release of Update 0.11.9, we’re resetting the limit counter, so if you had previously purchased the three containers, you’ll be able to purchase three more.

King of the Sea XIV permanent camouflage for Admiral Hipper

A new themed permanent camouflage for the tier VIII German cruiser Admiral Hipper is available to claim via a special mission marathon. To unlock it, you must watch the International finals of the tournament with Twitch Drops enabled.


What are you waiting for? Get your team ready for the big fight! The Coliseum awaits!

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