World of Warships

World of Warships – High School Fleet Coming Soon

Hello everyone,

World of Warships has a new collaboration with animation High Scholl Fleet.

“High School Fleet” Signature Design Warships Debut!

In collaboration with High School Fleet, two brand new signature design warships will be making their debut in the World of Warships! Meet the all new Destroyer “HSF Harekaze” and Cruiser “HSF Graf Spee“!

These unique warships have been carefully modelled to replicate the ships seen in the animated series. Along with their unique looks, these ships will also include special voiceovers. Each of the ships contain voiceovers for the ships’ Captain and Executive Officer; played by the actual casts from the show! These Premium Ships will be available for purchase from the Premium Shop upon High School Fleet’s Blu-ray release.

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