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World of Warships: Clan Brawl

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The Clan Brawl is a new battle format for Clans. How does it differ from Clan Battles? What rewards await those who participate? You’ll find the answers to these and other questions below!


Basic Rules

In contrast to Clan Battles, Clan Brawls take place throughout a single day, and only victories are counted.

Two Clan Brawls are scheduled for Update 0.8.5:

  • July 6—for Tier VIII ships
  • July 20—for Tier X ships

Each Clan will be able to select its preferred prime time to play—it can choose to fight either during its own server’s prime time, or matches can be made on different servers if their times are more convenient:

  • CIS 14:00 – 20:00 UTC
  • EU 15:00 – 21:00 UTC
  • NA 22:00 – 04:00 UTC
  • ASIA 10:00 – 16:00 UTC

Please note: you won’t be able to change the prime time once it has been selected!

  • Any Clan can participate in a Clan Brawl.
  • Battles are held in a 7 vs. 7 format.
  • A single team can’t include more than one battleship.
  • Any number of teams from a single Clan can fight in a Brawl if the composition of the teams meets the listed conditions.
  • Only victories are counted for the Rating.
  • Since only victories are counted, and defeats aren’t taken into account, there’s no option to select Alpha or Bravo Ratings in the Clan Brawl.
  • The matchmaker matches teams with similar numbers of victories.
  • Victories earned in the Clan Brawl aren’t counted towards the requirements to receive Clan Battle emblems.
  • If two teams share the same number of victories, the higher position in the Rating will be given to the Clan that gained their last victory first.


The Clan Brawl economy is completely in line with that of Clan Battles:

  • Victory: 2 500 base XP and 300 000 credits (without modifiers applied).
  • Defeat: 250 base XP and 150 000 credits (without modifiers applied).
  • Draw: both teams earn an amount of XP and credits equal to that received for a lost battle.


The first fifteen victories in the Clan Brawl will bring you the following rewards:

VictoriesClan Brawl of July 6Clan Brawl of July 20
Victories 1 – 4400 000 credits400 000 credits
Victory 5400 000 credits + 500 000 credits as a bonus400 000 credits + 500 000 credits as a bonus
Victories 6 – 916 000 Elite Commander XP800 Coal
Victory 1016 000 Elite Commander XP + 20 000Elite Commander XP as a bonus800 Coal + 1 000 Coal as a bonus
Victories 11 – 14800 Coal80 Steel
Victory 15800 Coal + 1 000 Coal as a bonus80 Steel + 100 Steel as a bonus

For achieving high positions in the final Rating, Clans will receive resources for their Treasury.

125 000
222 500
320 000
417 500
5 – 50*16 250 – 5 000

* Each following step brings 250 Coal less.


Clans which rank in the Top 1 000; Top 100; Top 10; or are named the Champion Clan in the selected prime time will be awarded special achievements. In such cases, all Clan members who play at least one battle during the Clan Brawl will be awarded these achievements.


During the Clan Brawl, battles will be held in the Domination battle mode on the following seven maps: Mountain Range, Warrior’s Path, Sea of Fortune, Tears of the Desert, North, Greece, and Land of Fire.

We wish you the best of luck in the Clan Brawls! See you in battle!