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Streamer of the Month: WizzDCast

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Ladies and Gentlemen, since the very beginning, The Daily Bounce has supported multiple streamers for both World of Tanks and World of Warships.

The idea is to make readers aware of new Streamers and at the same time, give these fantastic guys an opportunity to get more exposure.

March Streamer of the Month for the Daily Bounce readers is a good chap and a freshly named Community Contributor for World of Warships. I present to you WizzDCast!


(Boy, this is a cool banner.)

Yuzorah: So, let’s begin with the beginning. Tell us a bit more about yourself. Your origins, passions, how you discovered World of Warships, etc.

WizzDCast: I’m 28, soon to be 29 and I was born in Brazil. I came to Portugal when I was 14 years old with my mother. Had an uncle who was an official on the Brazilian air force so I and my cousins would go to the Base on every event they had, I loved going there and looking at the planes, I think this is where my interest for History and War games probably came from. I have been gaming since I was little but growing up, we didn’t have much money and I was only able to afford a PC when I moved to Portugal.

This didn’t stop me from gaming since I would spend a lot of my teen years on cyber cafes and LAN parties Playing everything from Counter-Strike to RTS games. I started playing WoWs after it’s Public Release, around September 2015, and it’s pretty much the game I have been playing mostly since then. I started the streaming hobby around December 2016 and I been doing it since then. Usually, I stream 3-4 Hours a Day starting around 21-22 CET 4-5 days a week.

How did the idea of streaming your adventures in World of Warships come to your mind?

Twitch Always fascinated me. I had always enjoyed watching streams and I still do up to this day. If I’m doing something on the computer I probably have a twitch channel on the background if I’m not listening to music. It’s just something I like and was always curious about it.
Eventually, I decided to give it a go and it basically created a whole new level of experiencing the game because you could interact with the people watching you and this made me want to keep streaming it.

Outside of streaming it, what do you enjoy the most about World of Warships?

What gets to me even today is the realization that most of those massive behemoths had actually roamed the Seas in reality, sort of an appreciation for the accomplishment that these ships were at the time. Apart from that, I would say the Details of the ship models in the game that are absolutely amazing, and the Gunplay aspect of the game like leading the targets correctly, choosing the correct ammunition type based on the ship you are shooting or the angle they are to you, etc.

If you had to implement one thing, may it be a ship or a mechanic, what would it be?

A map, Old Island of Ice. Either that or something related to how the captain skills work.

Do you have a favorite ship?

I think I should say Des Moines, don’t tell my Atago, please.

In your opinion, what makes your stream stand out compared to the other numerous streams of World of Warships?

Clearly, my stream is a beacon of hope, showing all the players what they should NOT do in order to be good at this game.

I think one of the strong parts is that I interact a lot with my viewers, I’m decent at the game, and I help if someone ask me how I’m playing a certain ship, and I try to be constructive when I’m criticizing other people but I wouldn’t say my stream is Educational.
The biggest point would be my community really, they made it so my stream is someplace where you can grab a beer and chill with the rest of the chat, have a decent conversation while watching the gameplay, say a few jokes and have a Laugh. Lastly, I would say to be the production quality I’m having recently.
Compared to other games on Twitch I think our Warships community is lacking in that area because it seems the viewers don’t mind it much, however, I would like to see how far this will go when we have really polished streams with really good Production.

Now, what is your personal opinion of the current state of World of Warships especially with the CV rework?

I think the devs will never be able to please everyone and that the CV rework was done following a good initiative. Like it or not it made the class much more approachable to everyone and it feels like if you are playing World of Warships. It will take some time until the class is well balanced within the game but eventually I think we will get there. Overall I approve the rework as I really disliked the old RTS Style we had and the niche it created within the game.
Apart from that, I think the game is doing great, the recent quality of life improvements we are having like the message in chat when another player uses Hydro and Radar are something we have been asking for a long time and this will improve the level of gameplay a lot in my opinion.

Do you maybe have anything else you would like to add to this interview?

I would like to invite everyone to join me on twitch and help me on my adventures of growing the World of Warships Online community while attempting to improve myself in the game. I want to give a shout-out to my amazing community who always support me every time I go live and to Wargaming for accepting me into the Community Contributor program.

Lastly, I would like to thank The Daily Bounce for having me once more as Streamer of the month, you guys have always been a huge support to my stream!


We hope you enjoyed the article, please don’t forget to give a visit and follow our new Community Contributor WizzDCast on his official channels and please do let us know your opinion in the comment section!

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