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Shipstorm: Casual Division Tournament

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Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s show time!

Following the King of the Sea tournament, the clan [RQL] is coming back with their own little challenge, The Shipstorm!

For the third season of this community hosted tournament that runs both on the EU and the NA servers, the battles will be fought between teams of 3 ships. The team formation must respect the following rules :

  • 1 Tier VIII ship and 2 Tier VII ships
  • 1 Battleship
  • 1 Cruiser
  • 1 Destroyer
  • Premium ships that can only be obtained through doubloons, limited-
    time events, through the premium shop, or through crates, are not allowed


The tournament will be divided into 3 stages:

The first one will be a Swiss system of eight rounds in which the different teams of 2 groups will face each other in Best of 1 matches. Only the 4 best teams of each group will come back for the next day.

The second stage will be a Round Robin in 3 rounds of Best of 1. The best 8 teams of both the EU and the NA server will clash in this round but only the best team of each 4 groups will move up to the last stage.

This last stage, let’s talk about it! This stage will englobe the semi-finals and the final with 2 rounds of Best of 3 matches.


Before thinking about taking part to a tournament, it is indeed better to know when the different phases of the said event will occur.

Registrations: December 3 – December 9

Tournament: December 15 – December 16
The first stage will be on the 15th and the second and last stage on the 16th.

Winners’ Announcement: December 18

All Prizes Paid/Shipped Out by: December 21


Nobody should ignore the rules! This is why the [RQL] clan brings to you the full ruleset available through this link:


The rewards for different ranking are also available in the ruleset.

Last thing, during the Swiss Stage, prizes will be awarded for special personal performances:

  • Highest damage
  • Most torpedo hits dealt
  • Most citadels hit
  • Most ships destroyed

Don’t forget to also visit the official Discord of the Shipstorm Tournament if you want to learn more about it:

In the event that this article picked your interest and that you plan to participate, I wish you good luck captains!

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