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World of Tanks – Live Oaks Map – Supertest

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Hello everyone,

It’ seems Wargaming finally decided to address the issues on Live Oaks map. A new version of the map it’s currently being tested on the Supertest Server, with hopes these changes will improve the gameplay due to the expansion of the middle area.

  1. In the swamp area of the map (middle area) a series of islands were added, with overgrown grass for cover. From this position should be fairly comfortable to provide firing cover to the railway bridge area.
  2. Along the perimeter of the swamp area,  improved and added new positions to control the central area of the map, as well for shooting at long distances.
  3. Improved defensive positions on the north base.
  4. Altered the riverbed for a more comfortable interaction with the swamp.

Source: World of Tanks VK




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