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TDB Home » Supertest: LTS-85, Tier VIII Premium Soviet Light Tank [7 Jul ’23]

Supertest: LTS-85, Tier VIII Premium Soviet Light Tank [7 Jul ’23]

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A new tier 8 Soviet light tank appeared on Supertest last week, featuring a familiar, boat-like appearance:

VIII :flag_ussr_wot::LTelite:LTS-85

  • The vehicle is armed with a 100 mm gun causing 300 HP of damage per shot.
  • Its standard armor-piercing shell penetrates 181 mm of armor, while a special HEAT shell penetrates 250 mm.
  • Dispersion at 100 m is 0.42 m. 
  • Its top speed is 65 km/h, and it has a specific power of 29.2 hp/t
  • The vehicle has a total of 1,150 HP.
  • Its view range is 390 m. 

The vehicle has good view range and speed characteristics, which allow it to move quickly across the battlefield and spot enemy vehicles. It should also be noted that this is a large tank. Bear this in mind when spotting passively. The LTS-85 will appeal to all fans of light tanks with good alpha damage, as well as to those who like unusual vehicles with interesting features. 

The LTS-85 also received some changes to its stats yesterday:

  • Dispersion from movement (max): from 0.18 (11.70) to:arrow_buff:0.12 (7.80)
  • Dispersoin from hull rotation (max.): from 0.18 (9.39) to:arrow_buff:0.12 (6.26)
  • Armor penetration with :AP: AP shell: from 181 to:arrow_buff:190 mm
  • Armor penetration with :AP: AP shell at 500m: from 160 to:arrow_buff:170 mm
  • :AP:AP shell velocity: from 927 to:arrow_buff:1,027 m/s

While I was not able to find much on a vehicle with this specific nomenclature, the project bears striking resemblance to the Object 906 (albeit, with different running gear + slightly-different hull shape):

Image credit: Vitaly V. Kuzmin, Wikimedia Commons; CC BY-SA 3.0

Additionally, despite this vehicle’s name (LTS-85), the current version features a 100 mm gun.

WoT Express has published some early in-game previews of the vehicle (shown with SD textures):

It is not yet known where this vehicle will appear in the game. Stay tuned for more info!

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