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Second Front: A True Challenge in WW2 Turn-Based Game

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Turn-based strategy games are one of those genres that always have a loyal fan base, but these fans are also always looking for a new challenge.

Whether you are a veteran of this game or new and looking to try your first game, Second Front is the game you can’t miss. Released on January 31, 2023, Second Front brings hours of action-packed strategy planning into your gaming time.

Second Front offers a unique and infinitely replayable WW2 wargaming experience. It shows turn-based actions of single officers and groups of soldiers manning weapons like MGs or flamethrowers. Players maneuver tanks and other historical vehicles on dynamic battlefields.

The game brings a plethora of tanks, half-tracks, trucks, guns, small weapons, flamethrowers, smoke dispensers, etc. Players are able to turn turrets, chose between different turret guns and MGs on their tanks, pick up or drop MGs, throw smoke grenades, and transport troops in trucks and half-tracks, all to bring a more in-depth realism to the game.

Second Front features 48 distinct scenarios, with famous fights like the “Stalingrad Factory District”. These ready-available scenarios are really challenging, so don’t think you are in for an easy win straight from the start. But the coolest feature of the game is the scenario editor.

“Second Front includes an editor to not only create and share custom maps but also complete campaigns. Players can then share their creations with the steam community – making Second Front an infinite tactical sandbox experience.”, says Jo Bader.

The developers are definitely focused on bringing historical fidelity and a high level of customizability. Post-release updates will add multi-turret tanks and vehicles alongside radio equipment for squads. You can find out more on Hexdraw’s Second Front website.

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