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Holiday Mode Activated – Update#3

Matosinhos, Porto – Portugal

Hello everyone,

Just another quick update, I’ve posted the latests Swedish tanks leaks and a few more upcoming changes in World of Tanks. I’m still on holiday with limited access to the Internet, and because I’ve been going out everyday, it’s hard to post anything after a long day. There’s a few more changes in World of Tanks that I haven’t posted, including the official HD renders, but I don’t have time at the moment, I’ll post them once I got a few minutes spare.

For everyone enjoying their holidays like me, keep it going and enjoy every moment while you can, I sure am doing that.


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  1. Estive em Portugal em 2014 e conheci Matosinhos, é um lugar muito adorável. Fiquei muito encantado com a cidade do Porto e Portugal de um modo geral. Quero voltar em breve. Boas férias.

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