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World of Warships: Christmas and Birthday Giveaway!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Christmas will soon be upon us. It will soon be time for the nice meeting with the family, the gifts, the laughs, the good food, the home-made Foie gras of my mother (Jesus, I can’t wait!!!) and of course the bloody traffic jams around that cursed city of Paris to go back home.

Since it will also be my birthday on the 22nd, I will be holding a nice little Christmas giveaway with gifts gently provided by Wargaming!

What can you win?

With this giveaway, you will have the chance to win:

  • 20 CC container codes (drops rates unavailable yet)

  • 14 codes for Big Santa Gift Containers giving each 3 containers

  • The premium ship of your choice that is CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN THE ARMORY FOR DOUBLOONS! There is no limitation to its tier, you can ask for a Tachibana just like you can ask for a Giuseppe Verdi.

What are the rules?

Obviously, there are rules to limit any sort of abuse with bots, second accounts, etc. I will save myself the pleasure to ban of our Discord anyone trying to cheat or not respecting the rules.

  1. You must be on the Official World of Warships Discord and be linked to your World of Warships account
  2. You must be an active player (at least a couple of games played in the last few days). No need to go with the “I was taking a break from the game.” or “I was planning to get back to it.”. This won’t fly, period.
    For the people mostly playing test ships, don’t worry, we will figure it out together.
  3. Hidden accounts will not be considered valid winners.
  4. Having at least 500 games (any game mode taken into account).
  5. Don’t have your private messages on “Friends only” on Discord.

The giveaway itself will last 24 hours. I will start it around 18:00 CET (UTC+1) on the 22nd of December. It might either be a bit later or a bit earlier depending on how busy I am.

How to participate?

It is quite simple. The giveaway will happen on our discord with the link being available here.

Once you are in, get yourself the proper roles in the rules_and_roles channel.

The giveaway itself will happen in the giveaways channel, under the News & Announcements section. I will ping the World of Warships role when the giveaway starts.

Once it starts, you will have in the channel a message roughly similar to this:

To take part, you simply have to react to this message with the :Tada: emote (surrounded in red). After that, it’s all about waiting and praying.

I will give the prizes to the winners through private messages after I checked that they respect the rules. It might take a bit of time for all the prizes to be sent since Discord limits the number of private messages you can send over a certain period of time. When it comes to whoever will win the ship, the person will just need to tell me which one they want and it will arrive later directly in their port with an additional port slot.

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