Back to normal…

Hello everyone,

Quick update just to let you all know I’m back to the UK. I really needed this break and now with batteries recharged I’ll be back to normal posting, starting tomorrow.

Happy New Year


Hello everyone,

Happy New Year! Wishes that 2017 will be a year full of good moments, happiness and health for you and your loved ones.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and for being part of the great year of 2016. When I started The Daily Bounce I never though this project would grow so fast, but all of you have proven me wrong.

2016 was a great year with 400,000 visitors and over 2,000,000 views, a trip to Moscow for WG Fest 2016 and over 1500 Likes on my Facebook page. I know 2017 will be even greater, but all this wouldn’t be possible without you and your support. 2017 will bring a lot of surprises, I already got a few in the bag ready for you all, but also will be a year for growth, improvements and loads of events.

Happy New Year!

World of Tanks International 20K Members Giveaway Winners

Hello everyone,

I’m sorry for the delay on announcing the winners for the 20k WOT International Giveaway, unfortunately I wasn’t at home all day and only now got a bit of time to do it.

Without any further delays, I would like to congratulate the following winners:

EU Server

NA Server

The winners will receive an email with further details soon. The World of Tanks International Facebook Group would like to thank every member of the group, without you guys we wouldn’t have such a great group. To everyone who entered the giveaway but weren’t lucky to win this time, keep an eye on the group and on the blog because we will be doing more giveaways soon, maybe you will have better luck next time.



Reason for my Absence

Hello everyone,

You might have noticed the lack of posts yesterday, but at the moment I’m super busy with some personal affairs. Today I got one of the most important days in my life, my daughters baptism.


This means I’ll be gone for another day, as you can imagine I’ll be busy all day with the celebration and then we have a small party with family and relatives.

I’ll be back Saturday with a few articles just to keep everyone up to date with World of Tanks and Warships. Also on Saturday, I’ll be announcing the winners for the World of Tanks International 20K Members Giveaway. If you haven’t entered it yet, what are you waiting for? The entries close at 12:00 GMT today, so be quick and good luck to everyone.

I hope you all have a great Friday and see you all again Saturday.


Merry Christmas – On my Way to Portugal


Hello everyone,

Today I’m going back to Portugal. Christmas and New Year is a time to spend with family, my wife and daughter are already there since the 14th and I can’t wait to see them again.

So, straight to the point: Posts! Won’t be many today. I will post the last day of the Advent Calendar as soon as I get home, and I might post some pictures from Wargaming Fest.

That’s it? Might you ask. Yes, in Portugal we celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so I won’t have time for nothing else, aside from food, drink and enjoy my time with my family of course!

That said, a Merry Christmas to you all, that you might enjoy these precious moments with the ones you love.