World of Tanks Streamer Poshybrid Passed Away

Hello everyone,

With great sadness I’ve received the news that Brian PoshybridVigneault, NA Streamer and member of FAME has passed away.


Brian Vigneault Facebook Picture

Poshybrid was doing a 24h Make-a-Wish Children Charity Stream, when about 22 hours in he started to feel unwell. From what I was able to find, he left for a smoke and never returned to the stream. Later he had emergency services called to his house and the stream was cut off. A friend of Poshybrid received the news while streaming and my good friend TcFreer announced it on Twitter.

Clan FAME also confirmed the sad news with an announcement on their Facebook page.

Sad news from Virginia beach , one of the most famous NA streamers and a member of our clan Poshybrid has passed away at the age of 35 , we just can not find words to describe how sad is this moment for all of us and for sure this game will not be the same without the legend.Maybe the saddest lines can not really be written , and the saddest thoughts can not really be uttered , let’s all hope that he is in a better place right now and may his soul Rest in Peace , he will never be forgotten … a person who stays in our hears never dies…

Poshybrid Twitch Channel got taken down temporarily because he was supposed to have fallen asleep. Many followers and friends were hopping he just had fallen asleep and everything was fine, unfortunately this was not the case.

To all his family, friends and followers, my deepest condolences on your loss. I wish he is in a better place, resting and contemplating us from the stars above.

His channel is now back online and you can get the latest update by typing !info. The latest update I got was the following.

Known info so far: Around 3:30AM CST Poshy said he was going for smokes and left the stream running, He never returned. around 11AM CST we were all still here assuming he had fallen asleep. around 19:00 Sorelor sees him online in discord and messages him. The person who responded identified himself as a detective and asked Sore to call him. Sore spoke wiht him, Called the Virginia Beach police department to confirm the detectives identity. The detective confirmed Brian had passed.

It saddens me even more to think he was 35 years old and leaves behind three kids. The World can be such an unfair place, where people who help others doing what they like the most are taken away from their loved ones… I can’t even imagine how my wife and daughter would feel if it was me.

My only wish now is that Brian is never forgotten and will always be remembered by his family and friends, because he will always live in their hearts.

“If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them.”
—James O’Barr


Amaunet85 reporting for blogging

Hello all! Or, as they say in the Blitz community on EU-server – hyyyy!

I figured it’s best to start with a short word of introduction. My ign is Amaunet85 and like Sk8xtrm, I’m a Community Contributor for World of Tanks Blitz. I’ve been happily playing this game since July 2014, and have recently crossed the 20k games bar, which combined makes me a proper Blitz-addict.

Overall though, I spend a lot more time in and on the community than I do in the actual game. First and foremost by organising an event between the clans of the EU-server every month called I.C.E. (Inter-Clan Event), basically intended to breed mutual respect and get people to get to know each other better. I believe that knowing each other and respecting each other basically keeps a lot of drama away and helps keep things civil.

Aside from that, I help run my clan’s youtube channel – as we recently rebooted that, it’s still very very tiny, and it’s always been more of a hobby than a serious part of my Blitz-life, so I don’t expect that to grow much. My vids are mostly games that are special one way or another (to me in any case), and sometimes I review tanks, in my own special way.

And I blog.

Not about the whole serious technical side of things, mind you, that’s really not my thing. I’m all about the feely-feely side of things. So I write about my thoughts on matters, about how I experience the game, the tanks and everything related to it, stuff that’s happening either in the game itself or in the community. Anything and everything that comes to mind that I’m inspired to write for. I try to do this weekly, which has been failing miserably for the last couple of months, so starting to blog here is, for me, a good way to get myself to do it weekly again.

As for the game itself, there’s a few things that stand out about me. One of those is the way I play. I’m in snipermode 98% of the time (the remaining 2% take place at the beginning and ending of the battle), which is something a lot of people really can’t understand, and makes them assume I’m tunnelvisioning all of the time. I’ll bore you with a blog about that another day.

And the other thing that stands out about me is the fact that I’m a woman (which probably explains the feely-feely-thing). I’ve long since come to terms with the fact that bumps-in-the-front gender is pretty rare in the game. I only know of a few of those, and though when I count them I get to roughly 15-ish or something, that doesn’t quite compare to the roughly 1k men I know in the game, so I consider being female as one of the things that makes me stand out.

Other than that, there’s not much more to say as introduction aside from the general facts. Despite the belief of some, I’m actually -not- 85 years old, but 31, I live in the Netherlands, and I love ladybirds, am a big Transformers fan, have a cat, am a giant bookworm and collect Starbucks city-mugs.

StratSketch Partnership

Hello everyone,

I’m happy to announce that The Daily Bounce and StratSketch are now partners. StratSketch takes the hassle out of creating map tactics and enables Commanders to collaborate in real-time with their team members to create a winning strategy.

If you were looking for an amazing tool to help your Clan, look no further. I’ve used StratSketch for a long time now and I’ve to admit this is by far the best map tactic tool available to players.

Map Features

StratSketch has up-to-date, high resolution maps for all game modes. Bases, capture points, and grid lines are all shown on the map just as they would in-game.

Your briefing is not limited to a single map, you can create additional slides with alternate strategies, and present the briefing as an interactive slideshow.

Briefings and slides can be copied, making it easy to branch off and create strategies based on other strategies so your team can adapt to various situations.

Editing Tools

StratSketch has a variety of tools and icons you can use. Each tool has options to change the appearance of the item, such as its color and size, as well as providing useful information.

For example, the icon tool shows the number of each type of icon placed, and text can be added to the icons, making it easy to see your team composition. The tracker tool allows you to show the position of your cursor in real-time. Your username will appear on other user’s screens, showing them who is presenting.

Briefing Management

All of your briefings are available in one place. Easily search through them and mark briefings of other users as favourites to save them for later.

Each briefing is given a unique ID to protect it, keeping it secret among your team.

Members can be designated roles that give them increased permissions over the map, making it easy to allow multiple users to edit while keeping the room under control.

The Daily Bounce Discord Server


Hello everyone,

I’ve decided to create a Discord Server so we can all meet up in one place and chat. This way, you can easily get in contact with me but you can also meet other readers and maybe even play together.

If you want to join, just click here and you will be taken directly to the server. Don’t know what Discord is?

All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone.

Yes, you can have it both in your desktop and phone and it’s completely free. So what are you waiting for?


Reason for my absence…

Hello everyone,

I’m sorry for the absence since Friday. As you are all aware I don’t usually post on Sunday’s and have a couple of posts scheduled every Saturday, but this weekend was a bit difficult. Unfortunately I was going through some personal problems that required my full attention and today was the final stage. I’ve a few posts on the way for either today or tomorrow about 9.17.1 armour changes and other bits, but I still require time to finish them.

I’ll be back to normal posting tomorrow, once again I’m sorry for the delay on getting you the latest news.


Out in London… Again!

Hello everyone,

Just a heads up to let you all know, I’ll be in London again today due to work related meetings. It’s pain in the *** but I’ve to be there again… driving… for 3 hours…

Any posts will come later in the day, but I left a few scheduled to be posted during the day also.


A little bit busy…

Hello everyone,

I’m currently in London, had to come here to have a couple of meetings with clients. Because I’ll be out all day, I’ve prepared a few articles with information that came out during the weekend. If anything comes out today, Mondays are usually quiet, I’ll post it later today.