World of Warships – HMS Hood Campaign Incoming

Hello everyone,

Seems Wargaming is currently working in a new campaign to bring to the game. When we look at the map, any naval warfare fan will recognise the hunt on Bismarck. As the Bismarck is already in the game, this could be mean HMS Hood will be coming to the game and will be getting a dedicated campaign.

“Here’s a tip to guess what is currently on our developers’ table: we’re going hunting!”

Fun facts about the Map

  • Watch shows 10:39, that is the time Bismarck  disappeared from surface;
  • Photo at top left corner shows Bismarck  anchored in Norway, just before it started her last trip;
  • Map shows the location where HMS Hood and Bismarck were sunk;
  • Map shows the route Pinz Eugen took to get to France;
  • Royal Navy Captain hat is located at the top right corner.

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