Type 5 Heavy – A buff too much?

Hello everyone,

Wargaming announced Japanese high tier heavy tanks were in need of buff because they were unplayable. I have to admit, they’re tanks who don’t attract me at all and I don’t have any plans to grind it any time soon.

At the moment on the Live Server the Type 4 and Type 5 Heavy Tanks are just a bigger and worse version of the E100 and not having the patience for slow tanks, I never actually gave it to much attention when they announced the buffs.

But now that I had a deeper look into what has changed, I was actually double checking the values just to be sure this was correct.

First of all the common point on both tanks: 15 cm/45 41st Year Type Howitzer Gun.

What is wrong with that derp gun?

Well, it’s a derp gun! Not sure if anyone has seen other Community Contributors videos, but everyone is highlight one thing: you just need to splash the ground to do high damage! Yes, it’s true. If you have this tank and you struggle a bit with the 249mm penetration on the 14 cm/50 3rd Year Type gun, you just need to get the new gun and start splashing the ground near your enemies.

These guns are true derp guns, dealing 400-600 splash damage and if you decide to use Gold Ammunition you even increase that damage, which is ridiculous to say the least. We are going to see a lot more Type 4 and Type 5 out there, derping around!

What about the armour changes, is Type 5 indestructible?

No, it’s not indestructible, but it’s close to it according to what I’ve seen. Let’s have a look at what is changing on Type 5 armour.

  • Front Lower Plate – 260mm to 270mm (+10mm)
  • Front Driver Plate – 260mm to 270mm (+10mm)
  • Front/Side Driver Plate – 210mm to 270mm (+60mm)
  • Front Turret  – 260mm to 280mm (+20mm)
    • Changed from two areas with 260 and 280mm, to just one with 280mm.
  • Side Upper Plate – 140mm to 160mm (+20mm)
  • Side Lower Plate (Behind skirts) – 105mm to 140mm (+35mm)

These changes could make the Type 5 the King of Armour in the game. For better understand these changes, here’s a few images so you can see how they will affect penetration chances.

Please be aware that some values might be wrong. It came to my attention beta.tanks.gg might have an error, reason why some of the values on areas where the armour wasn’t change are different.


Note: I’ve noticed these changes on the cupola, but the armour has the same value. Not sure if it’s a bug or if it will actually increase as seen.

Front Driver Plate

Front/Side Driver Plate

Note: Tier VIII Tanks before had a chance to penetrate the tank here, now none of them will be able to do with AP and some even with APCR/HEAT.

Side Turret

Note: Again, no changes to the armour value but it seems the armour efficiency got changed. A 10mm difference could result in a lot more bounces.

Side Upper Plate

Note: With the tank angled, Tier VIII tanks still had good change to penetrate the side, now with the increased armour, most of them will struggle. The same goes for the “lower plate” behind the skirts, they were buffed from 105mm to 140mm.


I believe these changes talk for themselves, Type 5 Heavy Tank will now be a very hard opponent to beat by Tier VIII and IX and even to some Tier X. Ok, I can agree the tank needed a bit of a buff, but maybe Wargaming overdid it? What do you think?

If you want to see these buffs in action, just watch DezGamez video where he talks about these buffs.



9 thoughts on “Type 5 Heavy – A buff too much?

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  2. All I can say is they killed off my Waffle to give me something is never have grinded to get, yet they buff other tanks to improve things.

    Pretty uneven of you ask me.


  3. What are you talking about 200 shots? Did any of you actually watch Circon’s video? He did 600+ damage to angled E100’s turret, splashed under him for 600 also.

    Yes, Types AND Maus were overbuffed. Only thing i can say to that is good bye tier 8-10 and partly tier 7.


  4. Shoting at 19 sec a derp gun dealing 200-300 dmg on is7, mouse, e100, or e5 is not much…is ruther low. Big damages are going to be in lights and no armor td,s or mediums…so it,s a circumstantial tank.
    You can,t be a heavy with a heavy armor if a tier8 tank can pen you in front…you are useless…there is no reason to play at tier 10. You can plat at tier 8 and no need to climb because you have no advantages…
    Only bad thing in this patch is the nerf on grille15 and t110e5.


    • Well, the main issue is that they just need to hit “near the tank” and therefore will nearly always trade favorably in a citybrawl/cornerpeeking fight. This combined with the armor buff that will make for a lot more bounces.

      The Type 5/4 is also so contradictary to WG’s saying about that they want armor to be a bigger part of the game. These tanks have borderline OP armor and are given guns that practically negate armor all together. Also the fact that you can push the DPM of HE on the Type 5 to beyond 5k is truly gamebreaking, if you compare it to the E-100, which would be a better comparison, as it has 3.4k DPM with HE. they should just nerf the Alpha on the Type 5, to lets say 910, which is what every other non-td ~150mm gun gets.

      So in a way this will be a new FV215B 183 with ridiculous armor, exactly what the game needs at this point.


  5. This buff has only one purpose, more gold spammed.


  6. “These guns are true derp guns, dealing 400-600 splash damage”

    If your target is soft. You meet any superheavy (or JgPzE100) and you are mostly out of luck, really. You let Russian hovermed too close and you are dead, because you can’t depress your gun whily he pens your completely flat side regularly.

    It’s not all that shiny – I’ve tested it on CT and while I believe it can be good in some situations, in most I wished I could simply pen instead. Also it has like 19 seconds reload :/


    • In my own Type 5, with the 14cm (damnded if I ever use that derp) I was hit in the front plate by another type five using premium HE on the derp for 715 damage. Not to mention the other times he pulled 400 form me. That is a considerable chunk seeing as it is unblockable.


  7. Definetely an overkill buff in every aspect. WG needs to realise that this buff (and the Maus buff) doesn’t solve the “insufficient armor” problem, rather it makes the game worse as even more people will start spamming gold ammo. The only solution to this is to remove gold ammo completely, but in order to do so WG needs to come up with a different credit sink.
    Also this derpgun abomination should be more like the O-Ho derp, lower alpha with rapid RoF. This addition has made the Japanese heavy line the most retard-proof line in the entire game, even more so than the IS-7 line, point your tank at the enemy base, press R and shoot everything along the way with your one hand while jerking off with the other.


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