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World of Tanks: May Upcoming Events Leaked

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May is almost upon us and I got a list of specials that are coming! I don’t have many details about some of these, but at least it will give you an idea of the specials reserved for May:

  • April 30: Crew is Special – Usual event to help to get more XP to your crews
  • May 1 to June 1: Brand new format of Top of the Tree – Three tanks up for grabs at a cheaper price! Don’t forget that Bat. Chat. 25t will still be running up to May 20!
  • May 3 to May 10: A brand new event called Tank Wars. Players will select a team and collect points, from what I was told it will put face to face two famous historical tanks: Tier V T-34 and Tier V M4A1 Sherman.
  • May 7 to May 11: Military Parade special, as usual marking the end of Second World War. Expect discounts similar to last year event.
  • May 14: Play Your Class Right, a special that will reward you with more experience in all classes except for SPG.
  • May 21: Special with a set of missions that will reward some equipment.
  • May 28: At the end of the month we get the XP Fever! Nice event to use that Xmas Gold and convert it into FreeXP!

There will be a marathon coming in May, but I don’t have dates and many details about it just yet, if I get them I will of course publish them. For now, this is all I got!

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: May Upcoming Events Leaked

  1. May 9th was the end of the war, why not T34-85 and the Easy-8 for Tank Wars? Tier 6 more fun than tier 5.

  2. Actually, May 8th was the end of war in Europe. Russia didn’t want to play with other boys, so to feel extra special they arranged for the war to last one day longer.

  3. SPGs, as they are, are one of the easiest cl*** to do consistent damage and/or damage ***ist in. With all due respect to everyone, it hardly requires a lot of work to use your mouse… And perhaps 5% of SPG players bother to use their keyboard and thus play their vehicle very well… I see no problem by rewarding the other 4 cl***es in which you actually have to reposition and/or be on the move most games…

  4. It’s all about the timezones mate. They celebrate it on the 9th, as hostilities were to end at 11pm CET on the 8th, which was already 1am on the 9th in the Soviet Union…

  5. SPGs aint that hard to play, after you learn the maps and some safe spots, thats true, however, its also the only cl*** with no crew training vehicles (besides the ridiculous LeFe and Saxton), it demands the most xp to move from tier to tier, and as soon its spotted it gets one shotted. Also its hard to get the most ***istance xp as the medpacks remove all of the stun effects instantly. And yes, the stun mechanic is flawed, it kinda makes sense but it might get too punishing, some rework is needed. I agree that 3 spgs on a map gets too toxic sometimes, 2 should be good enough.

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