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World of Tanks: Top of the Tree Changes in May

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May is almost around the corner, and with it comes new weekend specials, new events and new Top of the Tree! But will it be the same? No, that is the short answer, and we can tell you exactly how it’s going to change and what is coming up with the exclusive information we received!

The current format brings two tanks per month, from both for 30 days were the first special starts on the 5th of each month and the second on the 20th. This is going to change, the new Top of the Tree will start on the 1st of each month and ends right up the last day and it will be a single event only.

But this isn’t all, the biggest change is that instead of giving us two tanks… we will get three! Yes, Top of the Tree will change to have three tanks, all of different classes, with the usual discounts and missions. This way, you can either try all three or just pick the lines you might want, as with more lines included, the better chances there is that a branch you don’t have yet, might be in the Top of the Tree.

Now, the big question, what tanks will there be for May? As said before, the event will now focus on three different classes: Heavy, Medium and Tank Destroyer, just like Battle Pass. And in May you will get to pick from these three tanks:

  • Tier X Heavy Tank: WZ-111 model 5A.
  • Tier X Medium Tank: Progetto M40 mod 65.
  • Tier X Tank Destroyer: T110E3.

A Chinese heavy, Italian medium and an American tank destroyer, all at the same time! What do you think? Are these changes for the better or worse? Let us know in the comment section.

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Top of the Tree Changes in May

  1. Way better than what it is now. So many tank lines now it takes years to go through all of them.

  2. It’s for the worse. Most have zero experience at this level or any tank knowledge.. It has completely compromised the game as they a will stay at the back to sniper or b rush senseless into the enemy

  3. I quite like the idea of having more from where to chose. Hopefully there will be arties in the lineup in the next few months, as they tend to be forgotten in this type of events.

  4. The grind is getting easier and easier every year, they need to do this to keep tomatoes in the game.

  5. More and more veterans leave the game month by month due to the direction the game took and if wg didn’t make the newbie’s life easier the game would be dead faster than you’d expect

  6. They’d put in an arty line and for the next month you couldn’t find a single game without 3 arties on both teams. Is this what you really want?

  7. This new changes next month will not make the game better. The problem of WOT
    are the following.
    1.Repair cost is too high starting at tier 6 tanks.
    2.It is rare to get many credits starting at tier 7 tanks.
    3.Invinsible tanks that shoots from nowhere and kills you.
    4.Over Powered Fantasy tanks like Crusher.

  8. What the hell is a Crusher? We’re not talking about console or blitz here.

  9. That’s kind of the point, player numbers/ WG profits would drop if everyone had all the tanks.

  10. Yea, I’d like to comment. Whats wrong with 3 artys either side. Fair and balanced. Except you have 3 death stars also on one side. Each dealing 900 to 1500 DAMAGE PER SHOT! When was the last time you were hit for 1500 dog by any arty. Lol Never,is the answer you won’t say.

  11. The only (BIG) downgrade is that you made the tanks in the TOTT branch more expensive in credits. TIer 8,9,10 are now just 15% OFF while before they were 30% OFF. Give that discount back and its all good.

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