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Supertest: Concept 1B – Tier IX American Heavy

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Have you ever heard of the American proposal Concept 1B? No? Well, it’s a brand new Tier IX American heavy tank that will make its première into Supertest today. No, it’s not a complete fake tank, it’s based on a real concept proposal that never left the paper drawings.

It looks heavy but Concept 1B will be more like a medium tank. Wargaming has the tendency of changing vehicle class has it sees fit, but nonetheless, it’s agile and can catch up the medium vehicles while boasting crucial characteristic of tanks of its class.

Accuracy-wise, the testee’s gun is similar to that of the E 50, with an aiming time of 2.1 s and dispersion of 0.36m/100. With a standard APCR round you can expect to get through 258 mm of enemy armour, and a special HEAT goes even deeper: 310 mm. It will take you 10.2 seconds to fully reload and deliver average damage of 400 points.

The turret with its frontal armour of 250 mm and gun depression angles of -10/+20 feels right at home on the slopes. Its shape is what you have to consider first and foremost. It’s only well-protected at the right angles: an enemy firing at its side or when the turret is turned, well let’s just say, 100mm of side armour won’t protect you much. As for the hull, its armour is far from impenetrable, so you’d better wrap it in cotton wool.

Summing up, the smartest way to play the Concept 1b is to take advantage of its dynamics to take key positions on the map while keeping a close eye on where your turret turns. Currently, Wargaming hasn’t revealed what this vehicle will be for, but there has been a fair share of new Tier IX vehicles introduced to Supetest.

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: Concept 1B – Tier IX American Heavy

  1. It’s not, and has nothing to do with the M60A2. In fact its a design from before the M60A2.

  2. Certainly not, but the turret appears to be of a similar low frontal silhouette type with the commander’s station behind the main gun’s recoil area and everybody else sitting below the turret ring. Maybe the M60A2 was a continuation of the idea re-engineered for the M60 hull.

  3. Damn, it looks like a weird grandfather of M60A2 Starship (turret) and MBT 70 (hull)… I like it 😀

  4. I am a fully qualified tank operator, driver, loader, gunner, commander and I can tell you, that this vehicle is completely
    inoperable. Where is the room for the Ammo (the entire ammo storage below in the ch***is is stupid, you need 20 seconds to load, the room for the loader to load the gun, both gunner and commander sit basically behind the gun, there is no room to load the damn thing not even with an autoloader. Unless you locate all crew inside the hull and some ammo in the back of the turret but that’s not like the vehicle is shown. At least the commander is sitting in the back of the turret. leaving no room for any loader or loading mechanism unless it feeds from below which would cause an entire new field of problems. Bogus Tank!

  5. Most probably is why it never was developed. No idea, but some designs are never developed further because, after the initial drawings, they would come to the conclusion that other mechanisms wouldn’t be easy to work/build/fit/etc. But based on what the crew layout was on this one, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was supposed to have a breach underneath, instead of the traditional top one, or some kind of weird autoloading mechanism.

  6. this project is consistent if it has automatic loading of ammunition, with an automated turret.

  7. it never left paper, by definition it’s fantastically fake. have no fear russian tanks will own it with all that glorious 2 key skill

  8. Its not a fake if there was a project for it. A fake is a complete fabrication, that has nothing to back it up, like the E 50 M, the GW E 100, the VK 75.03… etc.

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