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Supertest: Changes to Empire’s Border + Big Ensk

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Over the past couple months, major changes to two maps arrived on Supertest. These have been documented in video format by WoT Express:

  • For starters, a new version of Ensk arrived on Supertest in May, which notably aims to expand the notoriously-small map from 600×600 to a full 1000x1000m:
    • Several changes have been made since this initial iteration, including the introduction of a Random Event:
      1. The central blocks of the city area (fields E2-E3 and F2-F3) have been reworked to increase the defensive capabilities.
      2. Added additional defensive positions near the bases (fields A1, A2, H1 and K3) in the city area.
      3. The open (green) area has been revised: the firing distance has been increased, new positions have been added for all vehicle types (fields D7–D9 and G7–G9).
      4. Between the third and fourth minute of the battle, two platoons leave the track area in different directions, opening up the central path and enabling a quick flank change. As long as the platoons are still in place at the start of the battle, they will protect the base areas from unwanted maneuvers that would speed up the pace of battle on this map.
        • When the trains start, the passages in fields B5 and J5 are blocked for a short time.
        • If the trains hit players’ vehicles, they will be pushed aside without damaging the vehicle.
  • Secondly, Empire’s Border received a new rework, seemingly scrapping the previous attempts to rework the map. Instead of fully changing the entire map like the previous reworks did, this instead aims to improve the existing heavy tank encounter zone gameplay, while also relocating the bases to make games on this map less prone to loss by capture:

It is unknown if/when these changes will be introduced into the game, but it is possible some may come later this year/early next year. Stay tuned for more info!

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