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Black Market 2021: Secret Key for a Black Box

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The Black Market is about to get more interesting, or is it? WOT Express has released information from an insider claiming the last offer will have a Secret Black Market Key to open a Black Market Box.

When we say box, of course, we are talking about loot boxes. According to the source, players will be able to buy a key that will open a box containing a vehicle from previous Black Markets. Players will not be offered vehicles they already own, meaning only vehicles you don’t have either in your garage or to be recovered can be up for grabs.

The way it will be displayed is using slots, vehicles will show in a slot and if you are don’t want it, you can try for another one in a new slot, meaning you could probably buy all these vehicles if you have the Gold or Credits. Each time a new box is open, a new vehicle is placed.

It’s interesting but not surprising to see Lootboxes in the Black Market, at least for me it was just a matter of time for Wargaming to come up with a plan to squeeze more Credits/Gold out of players. Of course, this isn’t for the average player, this is aimed at those who either have a huge amount of Credits or Gold or most probably are whiling to invest the cash to get those reserves in order to afford the deals.

There will be a micropatch tomorrow, 10.03.2021 from 05:00 to 05:45 CET, so most likely we will see the key and boxes introduced. Guess we will have to wait and see.

Source: WOT Express

Updated Information #1

Information updated at 01:30AM – 10/03/2021

I’ve received some information from reliable sources saying that it will be a single box that players can get, but it not clear if it will be a fixed amount of Gold/Credits or an Auction of some sorts. The deal will last 24 hours, with the content of said box kept hidden, meaning players will be buying a box without knowing what’s inside. The content of the Black Box will be the same for everyone, so no need to worry about getting something different and there is a possibility for the Black Box content to be a brand new vehicle.

There will be clues to what is inside the box, but it will only be revealed to everyone at the same time once the deal is finished. Now, as usual, and as with the previous above information, take it with a pinch of salt, as we do not know if the information is accurate.


15,466 thoughts on “Black Market 2021: Secret Key for a Black Box

  1. I actually like the key idea, I really dont like the BM in the fact it’s limited amount or you have to be online a certain time. Just let me buy things outright and I will decide if the price is outrageous to me or not.

  2. Just curious… why do you want the Renegade? I won a Tier 8 giveaway from a streamer for International Women’s Day, and I already have a bunch of T8 premiums. I already have the Skorp, Defender, Lorr. 40t… so I asked a few folks about a short list from the WoT webpage, and they all really seemed to like the Renegade a lot.

  3. Nice hopefully its 10k gold. Gold plenty of gold laying around and i am drained with credits from this BM. 131 mil lighter xD. BUT I do have MY T-22, Qillin AND FOCH155. I;m good haha,

  4. i dont know to i dream that it wil be for gold or credits you can choose

  5. well, it its not April yet so I guess it wont be wheeled E100 🙂

  6. Installing the micropatch showing the new time of the black market offer at the EXACT time of the previous Black market… genious waste of sleep and time.

  7. Fortunately I got something worthwhile on my last delivery. The fv215b 183. My first 4 vehicles were the IS6 B, Schwartzpanzer 58, and the Tier 2 and Tier 3 offering. Thought I was gonna get stiffed. Cost 5000 gold and 5 million credits but worth it.

  8. Absolute rip-off. I spent 5000 gold and 5 million credits to choose bewteen a tier II, and tier VIII heavy I wasn’t interested in or a tier VII light tank (I don’t play light tanks unless it’s a mission). I feel totally robbed. They offer you a tier II for 5000 gold and then demand 1500000 credits for an alternative. You don’t like the laternative, then another 1.5million… etc.

  9. I didn’t want to risk ANOTHER 1.5 million credits so yeah, I got stiffed. Lucky you, you got the one I wanted. I’m not happy,

  10. Complete rip off, Tier 2 & 3 vehicles was all I was offered. Not happy

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