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Yuzorah: New World of Warships Author

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I salute you. My name is Yuzorah and I will be the new author for information relative to World of Warships. Before I begin to start posting any sort of articles here, it would be nice for me to introduce myself properly.

As Harkonnen is currently very busy with IRL obligations, I proposed to help him with The Daily Bounce and now, here I am. Some of you might actually recognize me from the Discord and Facebook page of the King of the Sea tournament as I’m already in charge of sharing the news on these platforms.

What can you expect from me? I’m keeping up as much as I can and tracking all the new announcements, upcoming versions, balance changes and such on media like the official World of Warships website, Reddit, Facebook, the different 3rd party blogs and also on multiple Discords. I will do my best to share this information with you all as fast and as efficiently as possible.

Alright. I think it’s all for now. I hope to see you all soon for some spicy World of Warships news!

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