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WoWS Prolongation of Public Test 0.5.10

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Hello everyone,

Thanks to Stefan Ba, for the heads up on this. World of Warships Public Test 0.5.10 will be prolonged until 13 00 UTC tomorrow, August 16, 2016, an official announcement has been published by Tanatoy, Wargaming Staff.

Dear players,

We are prolonging 0.5.10 public test until 13 00 UTC tomorrow, August 16, 2016. We will apply a patch with some fixes around 16 00 UTC today, August 15, 2016, and we will like to receive your feedback on the possible technical issue such as Fps drops or teleportation of the airplane squadrons in battle or an UI displacement to left corner of the screen in some cases.

Please use the bug reporting topic if you encounter such issues. Thanks in advance for your active participation in the public test ! Obviously, you will also have now until tomorrow 13.00 UTC to fulfill the requirements to get the public test rewards !