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World of Warships – USS Alabama Reward Ship for Supertesters

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Hello everyone,

Seems a lot of rant has been going on since a leak was published about the upcoming Tier VIII American Battleship Alabama. Because leaks usually don’t have sources, I’ve started digging and was send (by a regular contributor of the blog) a post made by Hanszeehoc, Supertest Coordinator.

The truth is, some people seemed to be confused about the availability of the Alabama. But I can confirm the OP is correct. The ship will not be sold, or gifted or obtainable in any way unless you are a Supertester. I thought it best this was made clear now.


This confirms that the South Dakota-Class battleship Alabama is not going to be available to purchase or as a reward to normal players. It will be given away to Supertest users as a reward for their work and contribution to the game.

Now, do I agree with this? Of course I do. Players that contribute to the game should be rewarded from time to time and giving them is not actually anything new. Remember that World of Tanks gave away an ISU-130 to moderators and other contributors? Also World of Tanks has Clan Wars Reward Tanks, given away to limited number of players that manage to get in the top’s for that event.

What I don’t understand is the rant around this ship. When pictures and stats were shared, a lot of players moaned about “Another USS Battleship? Why not a Japanese, German, Italian or French one? Another Premium Ship? Wargaming as per usual milking the cow!”. Now we got confirmation that players won’t have to spend their hard earned cash on this ship, they moan that Wargaming shouldn’t give it away to Supertesters because they don’t do a good job balancing the game…

Do the players actually know what a Supertest does? Are they aware that Supertest players are not responsible for game balance?

It’ makes me sad to read comments in the forums , made by players, that clearly are never happy. Nothing Wargaming does is good by their standards. I’m not defending that Wargaming does everything well, no. I’m just asking for everyone to read, stop for a couple of minutes, think about it and see the complete picture.

I do wonder, if by these players standards, Wargaming never does anything right, that the game is sh*t and that Supertesters are so bad at everything, why do you even play the game?

Source: World of Warships EU Forum

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships – USS Alabama Reward Ship for Supertesters

  1. Well look at it that way: some people invest a lot of money to support Wows. And since WG makes the ship unavailable to them not even for money its like showing them the finger. Not the same as the Flint. Cause people at least have a chance to earn it. So why dont they give them doubloons so they can decide what to do with it? This discussion is so unnecessary. Registering on EU instead NA seems like a mistake too. Totally disappointed by WG after that Nachi desaster. After 2 months of total annoyance I still need 1 russian kill. As if i dont have a life WG

  2. The game publisher does not need to be defended. They are making money. It is a business. The ONLY thing they should be concerned with is making the consumers happy. That is how they make money.

  3. Shane what about the ship only avaline to rank 1 peeps in ranked battles for that 1 season. Or alpha and beta reward ships. It’s the same concept. You gonna cry about those also?

  4. Jesus I hope WG waves the bama in front of all the little whiners faces! Screw the “but I have to have everything and right now and FU WG” people. I hope WG does more of this. Get gone whiners and *******s. The rest of us don’t want you around. WG isn’t going to miss your money. They got plenty of others spending money. I myself will be buying some wows stuff soon thanks to some xmas cash. It just boggles my mind that so many people think the earth revolves around them and the entitlement attitude.

  5. **** war gaming for this BS. People having been waiting for this cl*** of ship for a while and 99%of the player base won’t be able to get it. I hope the Russian bastards all die of radiation poisoning from their ****ry *** he’ll hole nation.

  6. That escalated quickly! The introduction of this ship, doesn’t mean it won’t be available for normal players. There 6 ships of the cl***? If I’m not mistaken.

  7. The rant is saying WG is bad at balancing hence this exclusive ship will probably be op as hell.

  8. I don’t think you’re getting why people are so upset. The Alabama is a museum ship-has been since the 1960s. A LOT of people on warships, especially on the NA server..they’ve been on it, slept on it, it’s a part of their childhood and very fond on their hearts. It’s a ship a LOT of us have been eagerly awaiting to be added to the game.

  9. I am not going to rant, she is a lovely lady and being that I’m from the great state of ALABAMA I would love to have her in my port no matter the cost.

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