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World of Warships: Update 0.9.7 Changes and Additions, Supertest datamining – Azur Lane Collaboration, new Unique Upgrades and more

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The upcoming 0.9.7 update is bringing some fairly important additions and changes to the game. New unique upgrades, the 3rd collaboration with the game Azur Lane, a new collection and much more! Let’s have a closer look.

As usual, this update is still in testing so anything can change, except in general things like camouflages or artworks.


The German Aircraft Carriers Event: Part 2


German aircraft carriers will become available for research in the tech tree in Update 0.9.7. A collection consisting of 36 elements dedicated to the German navy is also added. The reward for completing the collection is the ability to mount two flags and alternative camouflage patterns on German ships. The first element of the collection may be obtained from a “German Navy” container, and subsequent elements may be collected from either these same containers or from daily containers—as long as the relevant “collect” button is enabled in the collection screen.

The collection is divided into 6 categories of 6 elements each:



Ship emblems








New camouflages and containers


Two types of new “Kriegsmarine” containers are added. Considering the fact that they are basically recolored versions of the containers of the current update, it is safe to assume that the first one will be the standard container and the second will be available for doubloons in the Armory.






Permanent camouflages “Iron cross” for Tier VI aricraft carrier Erich Loewenhardt and Tier IX battleships Pommern are added.



New Unique Upgrades

With the next update, we will receive new Unique Upgrades and at the same time, some of the existing ones will also be changed.

New upgrades

Daring – Warhead with increased weight, slot 5


  • –10% to the torpedo tubes reload time
  • +15% to maximum torpedo damage

Currently, Daring is a versatile destroyer with a slight edge to an artillery-focused playstyle. The UU will suggest shifting that edge towards torpedoes. With this upgrade, she will thrive further away from caps, with an emphasis on torpedoes and attacks from within smoke.

Kléber – Reinforced tactical concealment, slot 6


  • -20% to ship’s detectability
  • + 80% to main battery reload time

The UU offers an alternative to Kléber’s artillery focused gameplay: high-speed, close-range torpedo boat with quick torpedo reload. The ship’s detectability will be comparable to that of other destroyers at the same Tier, but the ship will lose a significant part of her artillery damage per minute.

Harugumo – Additional smoke generators, slot 5


  • +30% to smoke dispersion time
  • +100% to smoke generator action time
  • + 1 consumable’s charge

The UU improves the main playstyle of the ship at the cost of detectability and lowered efficiency in fighting for key areas. The UU allows Harugumo to stay hidden in smoke while moving at ¼ speed.

Kremlin – Mechanized loading of main battery, slot 6


  • -18% to main battery reload time
  • -12% to main battery firing range
  • -1 charge of consumables

Modernization offers a more aggressive playstyle, in which the ship sacrifices its survivability in exchange for rate of fire bonus.

Audacious – Forced takeoff and landing equipment, slot 6


  • -15% to ship’s detectability
  • +20% to engine boost duration
  • -50% time for the engine to reach full power
  • -30% rudder shift time

UU allows the ship to be closer to the enemy, thus increasing the frequency of plane attacks. But the risk of being detected and becoming the target of focused fire is also increased.

Midway – Modified external hardpoints, slot 6


  • +10% to bombers cruising speed
  • +10% to HE bombs damage

Instead of generally improving all plane types, the UU offers an emphasis on bombers, increasing their speed and bomb damage.

Hakuryu – Fuel injection system, slot 6


  • +15% to maximum planes speed
  • -20% to engine boost duration

The best effect the UU will have is directly before an attack, by significantly increasing the planes’ speed and lowering the time they spend in the AA zone. At the same time, the distance covered with the engine boost active remains roughly the same as without the UU.

Changes to existing upgrades

Not only did Wargaming change some of the Unique upgrades with this update but they also changed the icons of almost every upgrade and the names of the all unique upgrades. Here is the list (didn’t list the 50+ standard upgrades though):

Click to see list

Z-52 – Torpedo fire control system, slot 5


Current upgrade:

  • -5% ship’s detectability
  • -15% torpedo tubes reload time


  • Added bonus lowering torpedo detectability by 10%.

The UU will strengthen X Z-52 as a torpedo boat, while lowering her efficiency on key areas due to a smaller bonus to detectability in comparison to the standard concealment upgrade.

Grozovoi – Main gun automatic loader, slot 6


Current upgrade:
  • -18% main battery reload time
  • -7% main battery traverse speed
  • +10% torpedo tubes reload time


  • Torpedo tubes reload time penalty increased from +10% to +20%.

The UU offers artillery-focused gameplay. The upgrade was too effective, and the penalty to the main battery traverse speed had no significant impact because of the ship’s already good base value, thus her torpedo tubes reload time penalty was increased.

Moskva – Extended range of effective damage, slot 6


Current upgrade:
  • -11% maximum dispersion of main battery shells
  • +8% main battery firing range
  • -13% main battery traverse speed


  • Bonus lowering maximum dispersion of main battery shells lowered from -11% to -7%;
  • Main battery traverse speed penalty increased from -13% to -20%.

The change to the UU offers a clear choice between upgrades for damage per minute, for range increase, and for accuracy

Minotaur – Aerosol screening system, slot 5


Current upgrade:

  • +150% action time of the “Smoke generator” consumable
  • +10% dispersion shells fired by enemies attacking your ship
  • -5% to the ship’s detectability
  • -15% smoke screen dispersion time


  • Removed the bonus, which increased dispersion shells fired by enemies attacking your ship by 10%;
  • Added bonus which lowers the reload time for all consumables by 10%.

The UU allows the ship to stay in her smokescreen for a significant time while moving at ¼ speed, and the bonus to the reload time of her consumables both improves her overall survivability and efficiency, and makes the UU useful with any build.

Zaō – Primary ship control station, slot 6


Current upgrade:
  • -20% rudder shift time
  • -7% maximum dispersion of main battery shells
  • +8% main battery firing range


  • Removed the bonus which lowered rudder shift time by 20%.

The upgrade was too universal, empowering different parameters of the ship. In its current form, the UU will be effective for playing on the open water using long range of main caliber guns.

Yamato – Main battery director control, slot 6


Current upgrade:
  • -7% maximum dispersion of main battery shells
  • -6% main battery reload time
  • -19% main battery traverse speed


  • Removed the bonus which lowered the main battery reload time by 6%
  • Main battery traverse speed penalty reduced from -19% to -13%

This upgrade gave two bonuses: DPM and accuracy, and it was too effective. After the change, the UU will offer a clear choice between these two parameters.

Shimakaze – Torpedo launcher rapid reload containers, slot 6


Gearing – Hull’s concealment coating, Slot 5


Worcester – Improvement of ship’s technical readiness, slot 6


Des Moines – Propulsion with improved efficiency, slot 6


Montana – Enforced emergency response, slot 5


Hindenburg – Survivability control, slot 5


Großer Kurfürst – Gun fire control equipment, slot 6


Conqueror – Enhanced engineering systems, slot 5


Khabarovsk – Fire control director, slot 5


Henri IV – Intensified rate of main battery gun fire, slot 5


République – Main battery gun fire control post, slot 6


Yueyang – Rate of main battery gun fire, slot 5


The 3rd Azur Lane collaboration

With the update 0.9.7, we will get the 3rd collaboration with the mobile game Azur Lane with 2 new premium ships, new commanders and new camouflages for some premium ships following the design of their equivalent in Azur Lane.

New ships

When it comes to the new premium ships, the first ship we will get is AL Sovetskaya Rossiya, a ship very similar to the Sovetsky Soyuz with a few differences including the same dispersion formula as U.S., German and British battleships.

107806231_3087356208014054_3738364676496202759_o (1)

The second ship is AL Littorio that is basically a clone of the Roma that we already have.

107700092_3092429080840100_3632838262451752567_o (1)

Both ships will come with their own unique skin, flag and commander that will be their Azur Lane equivalent.

New commanders

Outside of Sovetskaya Rossiya and Littorio, there will be 5 additional commanders.

MN Jean Bart


KMS Roon


IJN Shokaku


ROC Yat-Sen


USS Baltimore


As you can expect, all commanders will be voiced by their respective Azur Lane voice actress (and I’m sad because there is no Saint-Louis… Baltimore and Jean Bart are a nice compensation though).

New camouflages

3 new permanent camouflages will also be available for the Belfast, the Dunkerque and the Atago. I sadly don’t have any good visuals of these because the Japanese staff only showed them in-game and the stream quality for this part was… horrendous to stay polite.

Belfast – Azur Lane permanent camouflage


Dunkerque – Azur Lane permanent camouflage


Atago – Azur Lane permanent camouflage


Other new content

The summer is here

Wargaming thought about the poor people stuck home because of the current pandemic. They decided to bring the tropics to you with one of the game’s famous island huggers, the Atlanta. She will get a unique skin called “Hot tropics” that… well turns her into a tropical island basically.



There will also be a new consumable camouflage called “Summer”.


Changing keys for consumables


An option to set the order of consumables for each ship will be added in 0.9.7. In order to do so, on the Consumables section of the Equipment tab, a new switch should be set to ‘un-fix’ consumables from their slots. After doing this, available consumables may be freely bound to any one of the standard consumable activation buttons. The order of consumables is saved on the server, so it is not needed to set it again if you’re playing from different computers.

Ranked sprint

Ranked Sprint 13 will be held between August 21-31 in a “3 vs 3” format on Tier IX ships.

New combat flags

With the update 0.9.7., 2 new combat flags will be added to the game.

X-Ray Papa Unaone


  • Increases Smoke Generator action time by 15%

Sierra Bravo


  • increases Hydracoustic search action time by 10%
  • lowers Defensive AA Fire reload time by 10%

Cosmetic additions

New commemorative flags

Azur Lane Littorio


Azur Lane Sovetskaya Rossiya


Brandenburg commemorative flag


sidenote: Right now, the Brandenburg has an entry in the game files but it is basically empty. No stats, no model, nothing usable.
The only thing we have outside of the flag is the image preview:


I compared this preview with the one of other German ships and unless my eyes deceive me, this is a Bismarck-class but fitted with 4 of the same triple turrets as Odin or Ägir.

Here is the preview of Tirpitz Black to compare:


Florida commemorative flag


New patches

Strangely, the announced new patches aren’t visible in the game files. They are either not ready yet or Wargaming are keeping the surprise for later.


“New” Kléber permanent camouflage



It turns out that Wargaming are apparently finally adding the French camouflage for Kléber that had been announced a few months ago.

Balance changes


  • Bonus to AA continuous damage from “Defensive AA fire” consumable increased from +75% to +100%


  • Main battery guns reload time increased from 20.5 to 21 s;
  • Rudder shift time increased from 12.6 to 13.6 s.


  • Main battery guns reload time increased from 4.3 to 4.5 s;


  • Rocket’s aiming reticle turned by 90 degrees, and now it is elongated horizontally.


Naval Base Update



4 new expansions are added for the Treasury, which will allow Clan leaders to regularly exchange oil for “More resources”, “Lucky” and Supercontainers.

Treasury expansion Amount of oil which needs to be accumulated by clan Building price Effect Activation price Restrictions
1 0 Possibility to distribute resources
2 500,000 5,000 Each player in clan gets a “More resources” container with probability of dropping a supercontainer 5,450 One activation per 30 days
3 1,000,000 10,000 Each player in clan gets 5 “Lucky” containers with probability of dropping supercontainers 27,250 One activation per 60 days
4 1.500.000 20,000 Each player in Clan gets a Supercontainer 75,450 One activation per 180 days
5 2,000,000 50,000 Possibility to activate any of the bonuses again while the restriction is in effect x2

Research Institute


Research center which gives bonus to the amount of received XP is renamed to Naval institute and new building called Research Institute is added. It will increase the amount of Research points received.

Structure expansion Research points bonus Oil price
0 0% 0
1 1% 90.000
2 3% 140.000
3 5% 220.000

Ships and vessels


To visually show how active a clan is and to enrich the Naval base, its water area will get filled with ships and vessels depending on the clan’s activity in battles. The more Random, Cooperative, and Ranked battles that are played by clan members in the previous month, the more vessels will be there. The number of ships depends on the number of Clan battles played in the last season.

As of right now, this is everything relevant that is added or changed with the next update outside of the U.S. slow battleships and Kitakami.

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  3. Well… to be fair, all the high tier German cruisers/BBs have roughly the same silhouette.

    When it comes to Brandenburg, people were able to dig up some parts of her model and in the end, it really is a Tirpitz but with the same turrets as Odin or Ägir.

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